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Inside Scoop: Off off year election results

Yesterday’s elections were a familiar mix. There was the terrific news out of Maine and Seattle, where citizen initiatives on public financing of elections were passed. And there was the horrendous, most prominently in Kentucky, whose new Governor never met ... More

A quiet Election Day? Not for us.

They're saying this Election Day was a quiet one in New York. Well, it wasn’t quiet for us. For months, the tireless Working Families Party political team has been focused on recruiting, training, supporting, and electing progressive candidates for local office ... More

NY Wage Board Recommends $15!

The New York Wage Board has made history by recommending a $15/hr wage for fast-food workers! Suddenly, over 180,000 working families are closer than ever to a victory that many once thought was impossible: a $15 wage. But the fight isn’t over ... More