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Working Families is fighting for a brighter future for America. One where the economy works for everyone, not just the wealthy and well-connected. One where politicians are accountable to working people, instead of Wall Street lobbyists and corporate CEOs. We can win this together, but it takes you!

How You Can Get Involved

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How We Work

The Working Families Volunteer Community is divided into the following project teams. Leaders who fill the roles are critical to electing the next generation of progressive leaders.

Our Teams include —
Social Media Strike Team
The Social Media team helps with creating content, viral memes, and spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Join now >>

The Text4Resistance team contacts voters with Relay, a peer-to-peer texting program, in order to get out the vote and recruit new members to our teams. Join now >>

Call Team
The Call Team uses our call tool to talk with voters, supporters and volunteers in order to get out the vote and recruit new members to our teams. Join now >>

Helpdesk Team
The helpdesk guides new community members and helps to troubleshoot, encourage, and welcome. Join now >>

Volunteers participate AND lead!

We matter, our voices are powerful, and we are on fire! I look forward to fighting with my WFP-Resist Here family in 2018! -M. Gallegos, Text4Resistance Leader

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