Women Run Campaigns

A project of Working Families Party and Trans United Fund

In the year of #MeToo, women have been stepping up in spades to take the reins of power. Inspired by former WFP-staffer Erica Sagrans’ article in Teen Vogue encouraging more women to become campaign managers, we developed the Women Run Campaigns training, a free day and half long intensive made for and by women to give them the knowledge and skills they need to become campaign managers.

In 2018, we brought the training to four cities — Washington D.C., Providence, R.I., Milwaukee, WI, and Philadelphia, PA, — and trained over 200 people to be campaign managers!

Women Run Campaigns Training in Washington, D.C. where half of our trainers and half of our participants were women of color and/or gender-minorities.

The Women Run Campaigns training is made for and by women to give them the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to become campaign managers and senior campaign staffers. We cover the fundamentals of running a competent campaign including building your personal network, securing endorsements, managing staff and volunteers, campaign messaging and working with a candidate to develop their personal story, fundraising, communications and digital organizing, and charting a path to victory. Click here to donate today so we can continue to offer these trainings at no cost.

In 2019, Women Run Campaigns is hosting trainings all summer long. Join us and tell a friend!

Whether you’re a super-volunteer, a field organizer, a resistance activist, or a first-time campaign manager — all are welcome. There is no experience level required to attend and it’s free. Click here to apply now!

This training is available for all those who identify as a woman as well as other gender minorities, including trans-feminine, gender nonconforming, and non-binary people. We recognize there are lots of folks who are underrepresented in campaigns and our goal is to shake up the patriarchy in more ways than one. We know that our campaigns will only represent our full brilliance when the full spectrum of our communities are running them.

We will have more trainings coming up in Oregon, Georgia, and elsewhere soon! Stay in the loop — sign up with Women Run Campaigns.