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  MDWF Executive Director Charly Carter released the following statement on Sick Leave Veto Override “With a super-majority of 30 votes, the Maryland Senate voted to override Gov. Larry Hogan’s veto on paid sick leave, marking a huge step forward ... More

Across the country a discussion is taking place about how we value women in our society, especially in the workplace. The unexpected movement response to sexual harassment has been inspiring, but implications of how we treat women workers ... More

Maryland Working Families is committed to cultivating elected leaders who believe in a government that serves all of the people, not just the wealthy and powerful corporations. This belief is central to MDWF's mission, as we seek to recenter our political ... More

Who wins, who loses under the #GOPTaxScam

Are you a winner or a loser under the Trump-Ryan tax scam bill? Answer the questions below to find out! Are you Donald Trump or part of the 1%?1 Do you run a multi-million dollar corporation?2 Own a private jet?3 ... More