New York
Working Families Party


The Working Families Party is leading the fight for social, racial, and economic justice in New York state. By pushing for progressive legislation and by also training, recruiting and supporting progressive leaders to run for office, we form a unique bridge between progressive activism and electoral success.

Applying for our 2021 endorsement in New York? Complete the appropriate candidate questionnaire here.

Please see a list of all our endorsed candidates below. Note that some candidates listed do not appear on the Working Families Party ballot line.

Our 2021 Candidates

Dorcey Applyrs
Albany Chief City Auditor
Corey Ellis
Albany Common Council President
Darius Shahinfar
Albany Comptroller
Sonia Frederick
Albany Councilmember, 1st Ward
Derek Johnson
Albany Councilmember, 2nd Ward
Wilmer Lawson
Albany Councilmember, 5th Ward
Gabriella Romero
Albany Councilmember, 6th Ward
Violetta De Rosa
Albany Councilmember, 7th Ward
Meghan Keegan
Albany Councilmember, 9th Ward
Owusu Anane
Albany Councilmember, 10th Ward
Alfredo Balarin
Albany Councilmember, 11th Ward
Deborah Zamer
Albany Councilmember, 14th Ward
Thomas Hoey
Albany Councilmember, 15th Ward
Leo Blackman
Amenia Town Board Member
Stacy Mantel
Amenia Town Board Member
Jacqualine Berger
Amherst Councilmember
Brian Kulpa
Amherst Supervisor
Shawn Lavin
Amherst Town Board Member
Kara Buscaglia
Amherst Town Justice
Virginia Kent
Auburn Councilmember, District 11
Terrence Cuddy
Auburn Councilmember At Large
Jeffrey Markello
Aurora Town Justice
Danielle Holmes
Ballston Town Judge
Gregory Johnston
Beacon City Judge
Wren Longno
Beacon Councilmember, Ward 3
Dan Aymar-Blair
Beacon Councilmember, Ward 4
Paloma Wake
Beacon Councilmember At Large
Molly Rhodes
Beacon Councilmember Ward 1
Justice McCray
Beacon Councilmember Ward 2
Stephanie McCaine
Bedford Councilmember
Anthony Mamo
Bedford Town Board Member
Jodi Kimmel
Bedford Town Justice
Anne Sapienza
Bergen Councilmember
Debra Flagler
Berne Receiver of Taxes
Melanie Bunzey
Berne Tax Assessor
Margaret Christman
Berne Town Board Member
Jennifer Merrill-Fuller
Berne Town Board Member
Jean Guarino
Berne Town Clerk
Timothy Lippert
Berne Town Supervisor
Emily Vincent
Berne Town Supervisor
Marc Dorsey
Bethlehem Superintendent
David VanLuven
Bethlehem Supervisor Town of Bethlehem
Maureen Cunningham
Bethlehem Town Board Member
David DeCancio
Bethlehem Town Board Member
Nanci Moquin
Bethlehem Town Clerk
Daniel Aman
Brighton Receiver of Taxes
Robin Wilt
Brighton Town Board Member
Jonathan Kornreich
Brookhaven Town Board Member
Antonio Reynoso
Brooklyn Borough President
Harris Weiss
Broome County Clerk
Sandy Monachino
Broome County Family Court Judge
Joshua Shapiro
Broome County Family Court Judge
Adriano Bongiorno
Brunswick County Legislator, District 3
Jennifer Mann
Brunswick Town Board Member
Paul Buehler
Brunswick Town Board Member,
Rashied McDuffie
Buffalo City Court Judge
Joel Moore
Buffalo City Court Judge
Rebecca Town
Buffalo City Court Judge
Phillip Dabney
Buffalo City Court Judge
India Walton
Buffalo Mayor
Debra Buck-Leaton
Byron Town Clerk
Wlliam Scheriff
Caio County Legislator
Christopher Hess
Camillus Town Board Member, Ward 3
Brenda Adams
Canaan Supervisor
Laura Smith
Carroll Supervisor
Keith Batman
Cayuga County Legislator, District 7
Geraldine Germano-Yaw
Cayuga County Legislator, District 9
Elane Daly
Cayuga County Legislator, District 11
Christina Calarco
Cayuga County Legislator, District 13
Brian Muldrow
Cayuga County Legislator, District 15
Manford Benjamin Susman
Cayuga County Surrogate Court Judge
Frederick Werwaiss
Chatham Town Board Member
Destiny Hallenbeck
Chatham Town Board Member
David Salley
Chautauqua County Clerk
Norman Green
Chautauqua County Clerk
Dustin Torres-Carvella
Chautauqua County Councilmember
Robert Bankoski
Chautauqua County County Legislator, District 2
Robert Dando
Chautauqua County Legislator, District 3
Christine Starks
Chautauqua County Legislator, District 4
Bill Ward
Chautauqua County Legislator, District 18
Brian Nowak
Cheektowaga Councilman
Brian Pilarski
Cheektowaga Town Board Member
Patrick Carroll
Clarkstown Councilmember, Ward 4
Robert Milone
Clarkstown Superintendent
Jeffrey Greenberg
Clarkstown Supervisor
Adam Kaufman
Clarkstown Town Board Member District 1
Samuel Salgado-Hernandez
Clarkstown Town Board Member District 3
Aimee Pollak
Clarkstown Town Justice
Kathleen Proper
Claverack Councilmember
Brian Yorck
Claverack Town Board Member
Brenda Shufelt
Claverack Town Clerk
Melissa Boxer
Clifton Park Supervisor
Alexander Patterson
Clifton Park Town Board Member
Jennifer Jeram
Clifton Park Town Justice
David Bezio
Clinton County Legislator, Area 4
Patricia Waldron
Clinton County Legislator, Area 6
Wendell Hughes
Clinton County Legislator, Area 8
Kimberly Davis
Clinton County Treasurer
Sara Pruiksma
Coeymans Councilmember
Yvonne Shackelton
Coeymans Councilmember
Cindy Rowzee
Coeymans Supervisor
Timothy Nichols
Colonie Councilmember
Zachary Grady
Colonie Receiver of Taxes
Galen Heins
Colonie Receiver of Taxes
Kelly Mateja Mateja
Colonie Supervisor
Graham Knowles
Colonie Town Board Member
Jessica Mahar
Colonie Town Board Member
Rebekah Kennedy
Colonie Town Justice
Michael Chameides
Columbia County Board of Supervisors, City of Hudson Supervisor, 3rd Ward
Linda Mussmann
Columbia County Board of Supervisors, City of Hudson Supervisor, 4th Ward
Michael Hofmann
Columbia Treasurer
Ashley Rae Lowry
Concord Town Justice
Jeffrey Judd
Copake Councilmember
Richard Wolf
Copake Councilmember
Virginia Scott
Cornwall Councilmember
Joshua Wojehowski
Cornwall Supervisor
Rokhsha Michael-Razi
Cornwall Town Board Member
James Creighton
Cortlandt Councilmember
Debra A Carter
Cortlandt Receiver of Taxes
Richard Becker
Cortlandt Supervisor
Cristin Jacoby
Cortlandt Town Board Member
Laroue Shatzkin
Cortlandt Town Clerk
Kimberly Ragazzo
Cortlandt Town Justice
Lynda Rogers-Seeley
Crawford Councilmember
Candace Scott
Crawford Councilmember
Francis Demuth
Crawford Tax Collector
John Habib
Croton on Hudson Village Trustee
Sherry Horowitz
Croton on Hudson Village Trustee
Sarah Hood
DeWitt Town Board Member
Maxwell Ruckdeschel
DeWitt Town Board Member
Samuel Young
DeWitt Town Justice
Ed Michalenko
DeWitt Town Supervisor
Natalie Luczkowiak
Dunkirk Councilmember
Nick Weiser
Dunkirk Councilmember, District 2
Phillip Collier
Dunkirk Councilmember ,District 3
Nanette White
Dunkirk Councilmember, District 4
Martin Bamonto
Dunkirk Councilor, Ward 2
Marcus Buchanan
Dunkirk County Legislator, District 1
Robin Lois
Dutchess County Comptroller
Rachel Saunders
Dutchess County Family Court Judge
Giancarlo Llaverias
Dutchess County Legislator, District 1
Daniel Degan
Dutchess County Legislator, District 2
Pamela Kingsley
Dutchess County Legislator, District 5
Craig Brendli
Dutchess County Legislator, District 8
Brennan Kearney
Dutchess County Legislator, District 11
Val Fuhrer
Dutchess County Legislator, District 14
Yvette Valdes Smith
Dutchess County Legislator, District 16
Donald Przytula
Dutchess County Legislator, District 17
Nick Page
Dutchess County Legislator, District 18
Claire Owens
Dutchess County Legislator, District 19
Kristofer Munn
Dutchess County Legislator, District 20
Eric Eckley
Dutchess County Legislator, District 21
Barbara Walsh
Dutchess County Legislator, District 22
Tyler Irish
Dutchess County Legislator, District 24
Daniel Hutnick
Dutchess County Legislator, District 25
Brendan Lawler
Dutchess County Legislator District 4
Sarina Teuschler
Dutchess County Legislator District 7
Barbara Kennedy
East Berne Superintendent
Tameka Santiago
East Fishkill Councilmember
Cynthia McCallion-Mas
East Fishkill Councilmember
Andria McKenna
East Fishkill Town Clerk
Richard Matters
East Greenbush Town Board Member
Hollie Kennedy
East Greenbush Town Board Member
Cathy Rogers
East Hampton Town Council Member
Kathee Burke-Gonzalez
East Hampton Town Council Member
Steven Tekulsky
East Hampton Town Justice
Susan McGraw-Keber
East Hampton Town Trustee
William Taylor
East Hampton Town Trustee
Tim Garneau
East Hampton Town Trustee
Richard Drew
East Hampton Town Trustee
David Cataletto
East Hampton Trustee
Lafayette Eaton
East Rochester Village Trustee
Paul Barton
Elmira City Court Judge
Kevin Hardwick
Erie County Comptroller
Sharon Lovallo
Erie County Familiy Court
Timothy Meyers
Erie County Legislator
April McCants-Baskin
Erie County Legislator, District 2
Lisa Chimera
Erie County Legislator, District 3
John Bargnesi
Erie County Legislator, District 4
Jeanne Vinal
Erie County Legislator, District 5
John Gilmour
Erie County Legislator, District 9
Christopher Farrell
Esopus Councilmember
Steve Flemming
Fairport Town Board Member
Michael Bensimon
Fallsburg Councilmember
Kenya Gadsden
Fishkill Councilmember
Joseph Buono
Fishkill Councilmember
Jacqueline Bardini
Fishkill Town Board Member
EvaDawn Bashaw
Fredonia Village Trustee
Michael Barris
Fredonia Village Trustee
Carmen Pineyro
Freeport Village Mayor
Dawn de la Llear
Freeport Village Trustee
Donna Raphael
Freeport Village Trustee
Theresa May
Gates Town Board
Marcia Ferguson
Geddes Town Board Member
Laurie Johnson
Ghent Town Board Member
Carl Quinn
Ghent Town Board Member
Mallory Mort
Ghent Town Board Member 3
Marsha Silverman
Glen Cove Councilmember
Roderick Watson
Glen Cove Councilmember
Robin Barkenhagen
Glens Falls Councilmember Ward 2
Michael Godlewski
Glenville Councilmember
Jenny Lippmann
Glenville Town Board Member
David Buckley
Grafton Councilmember, District 2
Ann Calabro
Grafton Councilmember, District 2
Lee Hess
Grafton Town Justice
Peter Marston
Grand Island Councilmember, District 26
John Mikkelson
Grand Island Councilmember, District 26
Rebecca Kruszynski
Great Valley Councilmember
Jenna Curcio
Greece Town Board Member, Ward 2
Jessica Vacchetto
Greece Town Board Member, Ward 4
Bridget O’Toole
Greece Town Justice
Francis Sheehan
Greenburgh Councilmember
Ellen Hendrickx
Greenburgh Town Councilmember
Paul Feiner
Greenburgh Town Supervisor
Melanie Flannery
Greene County Legislator, District 1
Monique Chestnut
Greene County Legislator, District 1
Neva Wartell
Greene County Legislator District 1
Kathleen Eldridge
Greenport Town Supervisor
Michael Gattine-Suarez
Greenport Town Supervisor
Randall Schmollinger
Greenville County Legislator
Michelle Clark
Greenville Town Clerk
Christine Napierski
Guilderland Town Board Member
Kevin McDonald
Guilderland Town Board Member
Gerald Gorman
Hamburg Town Justice
Elizabeth Maxwell
Hamlin Town Board Member
Frank Gordon
Harrison Supervisor
Olena Nicks
Hempstead Town Clerk
Michael Stafford
Henrietta Councilmember
Robert Barley
Henrietta Town Board Member
Stephen Schultz
Henrietta Town Supervisor
Barbara Falgoust Mennite
Highlands Town Justice
Rebecca Borrer
Hudson Alderperson
Calvin Lewis
Hudson Alderperson
Claire Cousin
Hudson Alderperson
Thomas DePietro
Hudson Common Council President
Kamal Johnson
Hudson Mayor
Tiffany Garriga
Hudson Town Supervisor
Rebecca Sanin
Huntington Supervisor
Jennifer Hebert
Huntington Town Board Member
Hunter Gross
Huntington Town Board Member
Micharl Boms
Hurely Town Board Member
Michael Shultis
Hurley Superintendent of Highways
Melinda McKnight
Hurley Town Supervisor
Ken Schneider
Hyde Park Councilmember, Ward 4
Howard Fisher
Hyde Park Highway Superintendent
Cynthia Todd
Hyde Park Receiver of Taxes
Aileen Rohr
Hyde Park Supervisor
Lynn Ruggiero
Hyde Park Town Board Member
Neil Krupnick
Hyde Park Town Board Member, Ward 1
Joe Morelle
Irondequoit Supervisor
Kimie Romeo
Irondequoit Town Board Member
Julia Burgos
Islip Councilmember, District 1
Darrin Green
Islip Councilmember District 2
Donovan Currey
Islip Receiver of Taxes
Shaniya Foster
Ithaca Alderperson, Ward 1
Phoebe Brown
Ithaca Alderperson, Ward 2
Bennett Sherr
Ithaca Alderperson, Ward 3
George DeFendini
Ithaca Alderperson, Ward 4
Robert Cantelmo
Ithaca Alderperson, Ward 5
Margaret Johnson
Ithaca Town Board Member
Robert Rosen
Ithaca Town Board Member
Christina Cardinale
Jamestown Councilmember
Ellen Ditonto
Jamestown Councilmember
Alyssa Porter
Jamestown Councilmember
Marie Carrubba
Jamestown Councilmember
Thomas Nelson
Jamestown Councilmember
Robert Whitney
Jamestown County Legislator 11
Paul Catalano
Kenmore Village Trustee
Barbara Hill
Kingston Alderperson, Ward 1
Carl Frankel
Kingston Alderperson, Ward 2
Laura Nordstrom
Kingston Alderperson, Ward 7
Michele Hirsch
Kingston Alderperson, Ward 9
Rita Worthington
Kingston Alderperson, Ward 19
Jay Williams
Kirkland, Town Justice
Sarah McCullough
Kirkland Receiver of Taxes
Cynthia Maciejewski
Lancaster Village Trustee
Ronny Hardaway
Lansing Mayor
Scott Blanchard
Lenox Councilmember At Large
Alan Williamson
Lenox Councilmember District 1
Jane Crimmins
Lewisboro Councilmember
Tony Goncalves
Lewisboro Supervisor
Mary Shah
Lewisboro Town Board Member
Jon Wiley
Lockport Alderperson, Ward 5
Tina Posterli
Long Beach Councilmember
Colette Schoening
Lyndon Town Board Member
Leonard Kaluzny
Lyndon Town Board Member
Frank Puglisi
Lyndon Town Clerk
Barbara Montante
Lyndon Town Supervisor
William Stowell
Lysander Town Board Member
Michael Williams
Malta Supervisor, District 9
Cynthia Young
Malta Town Board Member
John Fealy
Malta Town Councilmember
Thomas Murphy
Mamaroneck Mayor
Tahanie Aboushi
Manhattan District Attorney
John Deer
Manlius Supervisor
Katelyn Kriesel
Manlius Town Board Member
William Nicholson
Manlius Town Board Member
Sara Bollinger
Manlius Town Board Member
David Rothschild
Manlius Town Judge
Jacob Sherman
Marbletown Town Supervisor
Tammy Sayre
Marcellus Town Board Member
Al Lanzetta
Marlborough Supervisor
Jon Stern
Mendon Town Justice
Sparrow Tobin
Middletown Alderperson 4th Ward
Van White
Monroe County Court Judge
Julie Cianca
Monroe County Court Judge
Caroline Edwards-Morrison
Monroe County Court Judge
Megan Thompson
Monroe County Legislator
Marvin Stepherson
Monroe County Legislator, District 3
miriam rivera
Monroe County Legislator, District 4
Terry Daniele
Monroe County Legislator, District 5
Miles Cunning
Monroe County Legislator, District 6
Howard Maffucci
Monroe County Legislator, District 10
Michael Yudelson
Monroe County Legislator, District 13
Susan Hughes-Smith
Monroe County Legislator, District 14
Sasha DiMaria
Monroe County Legislator, District 15
Joseph Valentino
Monroe County Legislator, District 16
Dave Long
Monroe County Legislator, District 16
John Baynes
Monroe County Legislator, District 18
Sherita Traywick
Monroe County Legislator, District 19
Rachel Barnhart
Monroe County Legislator, District 21
Linda Hasman
Monroe County Legislator, District 23
Dorian Hall
Monroe County Legislator, District 25
Yversha Roman
Monroe County Legislator, District 26
Ricky Frazier
Monroe County Legislator, District 28
Sylvie Rainaldi
Montgomery Councilmember
Karina Tipton
Montgomery Councilmember
Rita Loffredo
Montgomery County Executive
Teresa Palmer
Moravia Councilmember
Chris Scarincio
Moreau Highway Superintendent
Erin Trombley
Moreau Town Councilor
Lauren Carter
Mount Vernon Councilmember
Justin Brown
Nassau County Clerk
Ryan Cronin
Nassau County Comptroller
Siela Bynoe
Nassau County Legislator, District 2
Laura Burns
Nassau County Legislator, District 6
Lisa Daniels
Nassau County Legislator, District 7
Nadia Holubnyczyj-Ortiz
Nassau County Legislator, District 8
Matthew Malin
Nassau County Legislator, District 15
Arnold Drucker
Nassau County Legislator, District 16
Raja Singh
Nassau County Legislator, District 17
Jacob Schuster
Nassau County Legislator, District 19
Kevan Abrahams
Nassau County Legislator 1
Judith Felsten
New Baltimore Receiver of Taxes
Thomasina Winslow
New Baltimore Town Council
Tistrya Houghtling
New Lebanon Supervisor
Marianna Anthonisen
New Lebanon Town Board Member
Britt Buckenroth
New Lebanon Town Board Member
Jessica Byrne
New Lebanon Town Justice
Stana-Lea Weisburd
New Paltz Councilmember
Neil Bettez
New Paltz Supervisor
Daniel Leinung
New Scotland Town Board Member
Lisa Williams
New Scotland Town Clerk
Michele Marte-Indzonka
New Windsor Council Member
Joseph Ammons
New Windsor Council Member
Gail Fletcher
New Windsor Receiver of Taxes
Brad Lander
New York City – Comptroller
Jumaane Williams
New York City – Public Advocate
Mino Lora
New York City Council, District 11
Marjorie Velazquez
New York City Council, District 13
Adolfo Abreu
New York City Council, District 14
Althea Stevens
New York City Council, District 16
Amanda Farias
New York City Council, District 18
Austin Shafran
New York City Council, District 19
John Choe
New York City Council, District 20
Tiffany Caban
New York City Council, District 22
Jaslin Kaur
New York City Council, District 23
Moumita Ahmed
New York City Council, District 24
Amit Bagga
New York City Council, District 26 (First Choice)
Jesse Laymon
New York City Council, District 26 (Second Choice)
Harold Miller
New York City Council, District 27
Aleda Gagarin
New York City Council, District 29
Juan Ardila
New York City Council, District 30
Felicia Singh
New York City Council, District 32
Lincoln Restler
New York City Council, District 33
Jennifer Gutierrez
New York City Council, District 34
Sandy Nurse
New York City Council, District 37
Alexa Aviles
New York City Council, District 38
Shahana Hanif
New York City Council, District 39
Giselle Martinez
Newburgh Councilmember, Ward 1
Ramona Monteverde
Newburgh Councilmember, Ward 2
Donette Smith
Newburgh Councilmember At large
Genesis Ramos
Newburgh County Legislator, District 6
Teresa Blancato-Horton
Newburgh Town Board
Jamie Symmonds
Niagara County Legislator, District 2
Jeffrey Elder
Niagara County Legislator, District 4
Christopher Robins
Niagara County Legislator, District 5
Joseph Kissel
Niagara County Legislator, District 9
Sara Capen
Niagara County Legislator, District 14
William Kennedy
Niagara County Legislator District 6
Christopher Mazur
Niagara Falls City Court Judge
Charles Teixeira
Niagara Town Board Member
Jamie Puccioni
Niskayuna Supervisor
John Della Ratta
Niskayuna Town Board Member
Peter Scagnelli
Niskayuna Town Justice
Mary Sabo
North Greenbush Town Board Member
Michael Myer
North Greenbush Town Board Member
Kevin Bailey
North Greenbush Town Supervisor
Viviana Russell
North Hempstead Town Clerk
Robert Troiano
North Hempstead Town Councilmember
Janette Evans
North Tonawanda Alderperson
Sonya McCall
Olean Alderperson, District 4
Vernon Robinson
Olean Alderperson, District 6
David Anastasia
Olean Alderperson, District 7
Gary Harvey
Oleans Mayor
Victoria Read
Olive Town Board Member
Margaret Milman-Barris
Oneida Councilmember, Ward 1
Karen Stanislaus
Oneida County Family Court Judge
Michael Brown
Oneida County Legislator, District 12
Caroline Reale
Oneida County Legislator, District 15
Matthew Pilatzke
Oneida County Legislator, District 17
Evon Ervin
Oneida County Legislator, District 20
Katrina Martin
Oneida County Legislator, District 22
Jay Snyder
Onondaga County Legislator, District 2
Matthew Johnson
Onondaga County Legislator, District 3
Stephon Williams
Onondaga County Legislator, District 4
Jana Rogers
Onondaga County Legislator, District 5
Mary Kuhn
Onondaga County Legislator, District 7
Christopher Ryan
Onondaga County Legislator, District 8
Heather Waters
Onondaga County Legislator, District 10
Ryan Suser
Onondaga County Legislator, District 11
Sunny Aslam
Onondaga County Legislator, District 12
Shanelle Benson Reid
Onondaga County Legislator, District 14
Joseph Bennett
Onondaga County Legislator, District 15
Vernon Williams
Onondaga County Legislator, District 16
Linda Ervin
Onondaga County Legislator, District 17
Anthony Grice
Orange County Clerk
Jacqueline Hernandez
Orange County Councilmember
Kevindaryan Lujan
Orange County Legislator, District 4
Frances Fox-Pizzonia
Orange County Legislator, District 9
Susan Bahren
Orange County Legislator, District 10
Matthew Rettig
Orange County Legislator, District 12
Laurie Tautel
Orange County Legislator, District 14
Mary Penn
Orchard Park Town Board Member
Edward Pace
Orchard Park Town Justice
Ally Colvin
Owasco Town Justice
Carla Hoene
Oyster Bay Town Clerk
Reema Rasool
Oyster Bay Town Councilmember
Gurpreet “Nicky” Kaur
Oyster Bay Town Councilmember
Lisa Reinhardt
Oyster Bay Town Councilmember
Amanda Field
Oyster Bay Town Supervisor
Amy Vele
Peekskill Councilmember
Amy Perlow
Peekskill Councilmember
Vanessa Agudelo
Peekskill Councilmember
Conor Greene
Peekskill Mayor
Joshua Foladare
Perinton County Legislator, District 11
Jeremy Jordan
Perinton Town Board Member
Susan Boynton-Frykholm
Perinton Town Clerk Town
Charles Steinman
Perinton Town Justice
Alysa Plummer
Pittsford Mayor
Kendra Evans
Pittsford Supervisor
Stephanie Townsend
Pittsford Town Board Member
Scott Green
Pittsford Town Court Justice
Barbara Hebert
Plattsburgh Councilmember
Elizabeth Gibbs
Plattsburgh Councilmember, Ward 3
Robert Hall
Plattsburgh County Legislator Ward 4
Jacqueline Bellew
Plattsburgh Receiver of Taxes
Dana Isabella
Plattsburgh Town Board Member
Kristofer Michaud
Plattsburgh Town Justice
Mary Albrecht
Pleasant Valley Councilmember
Michael Rifenburgh
Pleasant Valley Town Board Member
Frank Mazzella Jr.
Pleasant Valley Town Supervisor
Christopher Schaeffer
Pomfret Councilmember
Jude Gardner
Pomfret Superintendent
Daniel Pacos
Pomfret Supervisor
Luis Marino
Port Chester Mayor
Laura Forman
Poughkeepsie Councilmember, District 10
Alexandra Bopp
Poughkeepsie Councilmember, Ward 1
Evan Menist
Poughkeepsie Councilmember, Ward 2
Sarah Salem
Poughkeepsie Councilor
Rebecca Edwards
Poughkeepsie County Legislator, District 6
Barrington Atkins
Poughkeepsie County Legislator, District 10
Sara Sandstrom
Poughkeepsie Town Board Member
Thomas Pallo
Poughkeepsie Town Board Member Ward 2
Alana Sawchuk
Poughkeepsie Town Board Member Ward 3
Ann Shershin
Poughkeepsie Town Board Member Ward 6
Barbara Pallazzo
Poughkeepsie Town Supervisor
Stacy Dumont
Putnam County Legislator, District 4
Scott Reing
Putnam County Legislator, District 7
Christine Kane
Red Hook Town Board Member At large
Anne Burton
Rensselaer Alderperson, Ward 6
Nancy Hardt
Rensselaer City Clerk
Justan Foster
Rensselaer County Clerk
Gwendolyn Wright
Rensselaer County Executive
Robert Poitras
Rensselaer County Legislator, District 2
Sally Lauletta
Rensselaer County Legislator, District 2
Jennifer Massey
Rensselaer County Legislator, District 2
Shawntell Mills-Sanchez
Rensselaer County Legislator, District 3
Alexander Flood
Rensselaer County Legislator, District 4
Robin Catalano
Rensselaer County Legislator, District 5
Gary Contessa
Rensselaer County Legislator, District 5
Lark Rutecki
Rensselaer County Legislator, District 6
Nina Nichols
Rensselaer County Legislature, District 1
Peter Grimm
Rensselaer County Legislature, District 1
Cynthia Doran
Rensselaer County Legislature, District 1
Jerry Ford
Rensselaer County Legislature, District 1
Kenneth Zalewski
Rensselaer County Legislature, District 1
Mark Fleming
Rensselaer County Legislature, District 1
Marc Pallozzi
Rensselaer County Legislature, District 1
Andrew Bulmer
Rensselaer County Legislature, District 4
Garrett DeGraff
Rensselaer County Supervisor, Town of Sand Lake
Richard Mooney
Rensselaer Mayor
Laurel Adams
Ripley Town Board Member
Evelyn Hobson-Womack
Riverhead Councilmember
Catherine Kent
Riverhead Supervisor
Juan Micieli-Martinez
Riverhead Town Board Member
Joshua Bauroth
Rochester Commissioner
Kim Smith
Rochester Councilmember
Jasmin Reggler
Rochester Councilmember
Miguel Melendez
Rochester Councilmember
Stanley Martin
Rochester Councilmember
Victor Sanchez
Rochester Councilmember
Rajesh Barnabas
Rochester County Legislator, District 24
Malik Evans
Rochester Mayor
Gregory Lang
Rome Councilmember, Ward 1
Diane Martin
Rotterdam Receiver of Taxes
Larry LaMora
Rotterdam Superintendent
Jesse McGuire
Rotterdam Town Board Member
Diane Marco
Rotterdam Town Clerk
Joseph Guidarelli
Rotterdam Town Supervisor
Danielle Tagger-Epstein
Rye Mayor
Mary Ellen Trumbull
Sand Lake Councilmember
Virginia Erickson
Sand Lake Town Councilor
James Facteau
Saranac Councilmember
Jerome Holland
Saratoga County Sheriff
John Franck
Saratoga Springs Commissioner
James Montagnino
Saratoga Springs Commissioner
Dillon Moran
Saratoga Springs Commissioner
Sarah Burger
Saratoga Springs Commissioner of Finance
Ronald Kim
Saratoga Springs Mayor
Tara Gaston
Saratoga Springs Supervisor
John Schoonmaker
Saugerties County Legislator, District 2
Fred Costello
Saugerties Supervisor
Nina Schmidbaur
Saugerties Town Board Member
Timothy Scott
Saugerties Town Board Member
Damon Maher
Scarsdale County Legislator, District 10
Carl Williams
Schenectady Councilmember
Damonni Farley
Schenectady Councilmember
Marion Porterfield
Schenectady Councilmember At-Large
Thearse McCalmon
Schenectady Councilmember At Large
Omar McGill
Schenectady County Legislator, District 1
Denise McGraw
Schenectady County Legislator, District 3
Cathy Gatta
Schenectady County Legislator, District 3
Sara Pratt
Schenectady County Legislator, District 3
Michael Hiser
Schodack Town Council
Tracey Rex Rex
Schodack Town Supervisor
Leslie Baxter
Scipio Town Supervisor
Peter DiSclafani
Shandaken Supervisor
Angel Molina
Shandaken Town Board Member
brett surerus
Shelter Island Councilmember, District 2
Robin Long
Southampton Councilmember
Thomas Neely
Southampton Superintendent of Highways
Jay Schneiderman
Southampton Supervisor
Eileen Duffy
Southampton Town Trustee
Andrew Brosnan
Southampton Town Trustee
Ann Welker
Southampton Town Trustee
Will Peckham
Southampton Town Trustee
Martha Reichert
Southampton Town Trustee
Daniel Goodwin
Southold Highway Superintendent
Brian Mealy
Southold Town Board Member
Gregory Doroski
Southold Town Supervisor
Elizabeth Peeples
Southold Town Trustee
Eric Sepenoski
Southold Town Trustee
Elizabeth Gillooly
Southold Village Trustee
Sherry McGill
Spring Valley Member Ward 3
Pamela Kueppers
Stephentown Town Councilor, District 2
Lauren Schimko
Stony Point Town Board Member
Mari Morrison Rodriguez
Stony Point Town Board Member
Lee Jamison
Stuyvesant Town Board Member
William Schneider
Stuyvesant Town Board Member
Julie Cerny
Stuyvesant Town Clerk
Michael Curley
Suffern Village Mayor
Jo Meegan-Corrigan
Suffern Village Trustee
Charles Barone
Suffern Village Trustee
Carla Simpson
Suffolk County Legislator, District 10
Jason Richberg
Suffolk County Legislator, District 15
Mark Cuthbertson
Suffolk County Legislator, District 18
Bridget Fleming
Suffolk County Legislator District 2
Karina Hahn
Suffolk County Legislator District 5
Sarah Anker
Suffolk County Legislator District 6
Robert Calarco
Suffolk County Legislator District 7
Edward O’Donnell
Suffolk County Legislator District 8
Sam Gonzalez
Suffolk County Legislator District 9
Susan Berland
Suffolk County Legislator District 16
Richard M. Koweek
Supreme Court Judge, 3rd Judicial District New York State.
Jessica Diaz
Sweden Town Justice
Cherylene Billue
Syracuse Commissioner At Large
Karen Cordano
Syracuse Commissioner At Large
Helen Hudson
Syracuse Council President
Shakayla Johnson
Syracuse Councilmember At Large
Rasheada Caldwell
Syracuse Councilmember At Large
Melinda Meddaugh
Thompson Councilmember
Veronica Pillar
Tompkins County Legislator, District 2
Anne Koreman
Tompkins County Legislator, District 5
Henry Granison
Tompkins County Legislator, District 5
Daniel Klein
Tompkins County Legislator, District 7
Deborah Dawson
Tompkins County Legislator, District 10
Shawna Black
Tompkins County Legislator, District 11
Amanda Champion Champion
Tompkins County Legislator, District 12
Samantha Lushtak
Tompkins County Legislator, District 13
Travis Brooks
Tompkins County Legislator, District 13
Dawn Kammerdeiner
Tonawanda Councilmember, Ward 2
Sean Rautenstrauch
Tonawanda Councilmember, Ward 3
Gina Santa Maria
Tonawanda Town Board Member
Joseph Samson
Trenton Councilmember – At Large
Danielle Charlestin
Troy Councilmember, District 1
Francisco Figueroa
Troy Councilmember, District 2
Sue Steele
Troy Councilmember, District 3
Anasha Cummings
Troy Councilmember, District 4
Kiani Conley-Wilson
Troy Councilmember, District 5
Marketa Edwards
Troy Councilmember, District 6
Renee Howell
Tuckahoe Village Trustee
March Gallagher
Ulster County Comptroller
Aaron Levine
Ulster County Legislator, District 1
Arick Manocha
Ulster County Legislator, District 3
Brian Cahill
Ulster County Legislator, District 4
Marisa McClinton
Ulster County Legislator, District 5
Abraham Uchitelle
Ulster County Legislator, District 5
Peter Criswell
Ulster County Legislator, District 7
Laura Petit
Ulster County Legislator, District 8
Tracey Bartels
Ulster County Legislator, District 16
Theresa Paras
Ulster County Legislator, District 17
Eric Stewart
Ulster County Legislator, District 18
Manna Greene
Ulster County Legislator, District 19
Eve Walter
Ulster County Legislator, District 20
Chris Hewitt
Ulster County Legislator, District 21
Kathleen Nolan
Ulster County Legislator, District 22
Celeste Friend
Utica Councilmember, District 3
Delvin Moody
Utica Councilmember, Ward 5
Sparkle Anthony
Utica Councilmember At-Large
Joseph Furgol
Utica County Legislator, District 18
Michael Sherwood
Vestal Town Justice
Terry Coady
Vienna Town Justice
Brian Pugh
Village of Croton-on-Hudson Mayor
Allan McClain
Wallkill Councilmember, Ward 1
Neil Meyer
Wallkill Councilmember, Ward 3
Gail Jeter
Wallkill County Legislator, District 18
Frank DenDanto
Wallkill Supervisor
Benjamin Amundson
Wappinger Councilmember, Ward 1
Heather O’Dell
Wappinger Councilmember, Ward 2
John Bohuniek
Wappinger County Legislator, District 15
Robin Licari
Wappinger Supervisor
Kathleen Dailey
Wappingers Falls Councilmember, Ward 4
Gregory Galluccio
Warwick Town Board Member
Steven Rubin
Warwick Town Board Member
Jennifer Echevarria
Warwick Town Justice
John Bishop
Waterford Town Board Member
Barbara Turpin
Waterford Town Board Member
Andrew Faust
Wawarsing Town Supervisor
Ashley Teague
Webster Town Board Member
Danielle Palermo-Jimenez
Webster Town Supervisor
Timothy Idoni
Westchester County Clerk
George Latimer
Westchester County Executive
Colin Smith
Westchester County Legislator, District 1
Erika Pierce
Westchester County Legislator, District 2
David Vinjamuri
Westchester County Legislator, District 3
Vedat Gashi
Westchester County Legislator, District 4
Benjamin Boykin
Westchester County Legislator, District 5
Nancy Barr
Westchester County Legislator, District 6
Catherine Parker
Westchester County Legislator, District 7
Catherine Borgia
Westchester County Legislator, District 9
Terry Clements
Westchester County Legislator, District 11
MaryJane Shimsky
Westchester County Legislator, District 12
David Tubiolo
Westchester County Legislator, District 14
Ruth Walter
Westchester County Legislator, District 15
Christopher Johnson
Westchester County Legislator, District 16
Justin Brasch
White Plains Councilmember
John Helenek
Wilton Highway Superintendent
Thomas Burke
Woodbury Supervisor
Bennet Ratcliff
Woodstock Councilmember
Maria-Elena Conte
Woodstock Councilmember
Lakisha Collins-Bellamy
Yonkers City Council President
Corazon Pineda
Yonkers Councilmember District 2
Carlos Burgos
Yonkers Councilmember District 4
Stella Schwuchow
Yonkers Councilmember District 6
Jose Alvarado
Yonkers County Legislator
Ilan Gilbert
Yorktown Town Board Member
Vishnubhai Patel
Yorktown Town Board Member


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