Our Candidates

  • Alabama

    Qunelius “Cory” Pettway Birmingham City Council, District 4
    Richard E. Franklin Birmingham City Council, District 5
    Celida Soto Garcia Birmingham City Council, District 8
    Eric Hall Birmingham City Council, District 9
    Terri Michal Birmingham City Schools Board of Education, District 2
    Susan Diane Mitchell Birmingham City Schools, Board of Education, District 9
  • Arizona

    Kevin Dahl Tucson City Council, Ward 4
    Miranda Schubert Tucson City Council, Ward 6
  • Colorado

    WFP Colorado
    Randy Moorman Arvada City Council, Ward 1
    Susie Schuckman Arvada City Council, Ward 3
    Adam Fung Aurora City Council, At Large
    Candice Bailey Aurora City Council, At Large
    John Ronquillo Aurora City Council, At Large
    Crystal Murillo Aurora City Council, Ward 1
    Bryan Lindstrom Aurora City Council, Ward 2
    Ruben Medina Aurora City Council, Ward 3
    Marques Ivey Aurora School Board, At Large
    Dan Williams Boulder City Council, At Large
    Ballot measures
    Adams: School District 27J – 5A
    Adams: Westminster 3I
    Amendment #78: Custodial Fund Appropriations Initiative
    Boulder: #300 Bedrooms are for People
    Boulder: No Eviction Without Representation
    Denver: #201 Conservation Easement
    Denver: #2B Housing and Sheltering System Bonds
    Denver: #2C Transportation and Mobility System Bonds
    Denver: #2D Parks and Recreation System Bonds
    Denver: #2E National Western Campus Facilities System Bonds
    Denver: #2F Safe and Sound
    Denver: #2G Fill Future Vacancies for Independent Monitor
    Denver: #2H Election Day Change
    Denver: #301 Parks and Open Space Preservation
    Denver: #303 Let’s Do Better
    Denver: #304 Enough Taxes Already
    Denver: Climate Tax
    Denver: Municipal Broadband
    Denver: Repeal Pit Bull Ban
    House Bill 1427 (Tobacco and Nicotine Products Tax)
    Initiative #107 (Restoration of Gray Wolves)
    Initiative #283 (Paid Family and Medical Leave)
    Initiative #295 (Require Voter Approval of Certain New Enterprises Exempt from TABOR Initiative)
    Initiative #306 (Decrease Income Tax Rate from 4.63% to 4.55%)
    Initiative #76 (Citizenship Qualification of Electors)
    Prop #119: Creation of Out-of-School Education Program and Marijuana Sales Tax Increase Initiative
    Prop #120: Reduce Property Tax Rates and Retain $25 Million in TABOR Surplus Revenue Initiative
    Prop 113 (National Popular Vote Interstate Compact)
    Prop 115 (Prohibition on Late-Term Abortions)
  • Connecticut

    WFP Connecticut
    Andrew Legnani Berlin, Mayor
    Shonta’ Browdy Board of Education, Hartford
    Gladys Walker-Jones Bridgeport, Board of Education
    Jose Lopez Bridgeport, Board of Education
    Joseph Sokolovic Bridgeport, Board of Education
    Khalid Muhammad Bridgeport, Board of Education
    Joseph Thompson Bridgeport, City Council 135th
    Dorcia Cardillo Bridgeport, City Council 138th
    Tyler Mack Bridgeport, City Council District 131
    Dasha Spell Bridgeport, City Council District 132
  • Georgia

    WFP Georgia
    Antonio Lewis Atlanta City Council, District 12
    Liliana Bakhtiari Atlanta City Council, District 5
    Devin Barrington-Ward Atlanta City Council, District 9
    YT Bell Clarkston City Council, At Large
    Karen Rene’ East Point City Council Ward B (at Large)
    Dontaye Carter Sandy Springs Mayor
    khalid kamau South Fulton Mayor
  • Kentucky

    Charles Booker U.S. Senate, Kentucky
  • Louisiana

    Jason Williams District Attorney, Orleans Parish
  • Michigan

    Denzel McCampbell Detroit City Clerk
    Nicole Small Detroit City Council, At-Large
    Latisha Johnson Detroit City Council, District 4
    Gabriela Santiago-Romero Detroit City Council, District 6
  • Missouri

    Tishaura Jones Mayor, St. Louis
  • Nebraska

    Cammy Watkins Omaha City Council
  • New Hampshire

    Jodi Newell Keene Alderman at Large
    Chris Potter Manchester School Board
    Jordan Thompson Nashua Alderman
    Regan Lampier Nashua School Board
    Robin Vogt Portsmouth City Council at Large
    Plana Hunt-Hawkins Rochester Mayor
    Crystal Paradis Somersworth Mayor
  • New Jersey

    WFP New Jersey
    Mico Lucide Atlantic County Clerk
    Carla Benson Camden City Council
    Carmen Lozada-Cooper Camden City Council
    Hector Rojas Camden City Council
    Elton Custis Camden City, Mayor
    Jen Rossi Collingswood Commissioner
    Kate Delany Collingswood Commissioner
    Joseph Perella Cumberland County Commissioner
    Sadaf Jaffer General Assembly, District 16
    Gervonn Romney-Rice General Assembly, District 37
  • New Mexico

    WFP New Mexico
    Lan Sena Albuquerque City Council, District 1
    Rob Grilley Albuquerque City Council, District 9
    Tim Keller Albuquerque Mayor
    Becki Graham Las Cruces City Council, District 3
    Becky Corran Las Cruces City Council, District 5
    Amanda Chavez Santa Fe City Council, District 4
    Melanie Stansbury U.S. House, District 1
  • New York

    WFP New York
    Sonia Frederick Albany, Member of Common Council Ward 1 Albany Capital District and North Country
    Owusu Anane Albany, Member of Common Council Ward 10 Albany Capital District and North Country
    Alfredo D. Balarin Albany, Member of Common Council Ward 11 Albany Capital District and North Country
    Deborah L. Zamer Albany, Member of Common Council Ward 14 Albany Capital District and North Country
    Thomas C. Hoey Albany, Member of Common Council Ward 15 Albany Capital District and North Country
    Derek A. Johnson Albany, Member of Common Council Ward 2 Albany Capital District and North Country
    Wilmer N. Lawson Albany, Member of Common Council Ward 5 Albany Capital District and North Country
    Gabriella A. Romero Albany, Member of Common Council Ward 6 Albany Capital District and North Country
    Violetta De Rosa Albany, Member of Common Council Ward 7 Albany Capital District and North Country
    Meghan E. Keegan Albany, Member of Common Council Ward 9 Albany Capital District and North Country
  • Ohio

    Daniel Graves Cleveland City Council Ward 7
    Aisia Jones Cleveland City Council Ward 8
    Kahlil Sren Cleveland Heights Mayor
    Jared Grandy Dayton City Commission
    Shenise Turner-Sloss Dayton City Commission
    Renae Bolton Garfield Heights City Council Ward 6
    Shayla L Davis Garfield Heights Mayor
    Laura Rodriguez-Carbone Lakewood City Council, At-Large
    Tristin Rader Lakewood City Council, At-Large
    Daniel Ortiz Toledo City Council At-Large
  • Pennsylvania

    WFP Pennsylvania
    Lydia Laythe Erie County Council, District 6
    Caroline Turner Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas
    Steven Singer Alleghany County Council
    Lisa Middleman Allegheny Court of Common Pleas
    Lori Dumas Commonwealth Court
    Alex Myers Hatboro Township Council
    Maraleen Shields Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas
    Maryann Velez Luzerne County Council
    Cece Gerlach Mayor, Allentown
    Lillian DeBaptiste Mayor, West Chester
  • Rhode Island

    WFP Rhode Island
    Bret Jacob State Senate, District 3
  • Texas

    WFP Texas
    Diana Saleh Arlington City Council
    Junior Ezeonu Grand Prairie City Council At-Large, Place 8
    Giovanni Valderas Dallas City Council, District 1
    Hosanna Yemiru Dallas City Council, District 11
    Maxie Johnson Dallas City Council, District 4
    Omar Navarez Dallas City Council, District 6
    Adam Bazaldua Dallas City Council, District 7
    Changa Higgins Dallas City Council, District 7
    Crystal Chism DeSoto City Council
    Jen Sarduy Fort Worth City Council, District 2
    Ballot measures
    Austin Ballot Measure – Proposition B
    Dallas Ballot Measure – Proposition 1
    Dallas Ballot Measure – Proposition 2
    San Antonio Ballot Measure – Proposition B
  • Virginia

    Jennifer Carroll Foy Governor
  • Washington

    Hugo Garcia Burien City Council
    Jimmy Matta Burien City Council
    Krystal Marx Burien City Council
    Cliff Cawthon Kent City Council
    Dawn Bennett Kent Mayor
    Shukri Olow King County Council, District 5
    Hamdi Mohamed Port of Seattle
    Iris Guzman SeaTac City Council
    Jake Simpson SeaTac City Council
    Mohamed Egal SeaTac City Council
  • West Virginia

    Tyler Payton Mayor, Ranson
    Mike Baker Ranson City Council
  • Wisconsin

    WFP Wisconsin
    Mandela Barnes U.S. Senate, Wisconsin