Our Candidates

  • Arizona

    Carlos Garcia Phoenix City Council, District 8
  • California

    WFP California
    Pamela Price Alameda County District Attorney
    Tamisha Walker Antioch City Council
    Anthony Fuentes Bakersfield City School Board, District 2
    Kate Harrison Berkeley City Council
    Ray Buenaventura Daly City Council
    Roderick Daus Magbual Daly City Council
    Veva Islas Fresno Unified Education Board, District 4
    George Syrop Hayward City Council
    Paloma Aguirre Imperial Beach Mayor
    Rex Richardson Long Beach Mayor
  • Colorado

    WFP Colorado
    Sarah Parady Denver City Council, At Large
    Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez Denver City Council, At Large
    Tiffany Caudill Denver City Council, District 2
    Jamie Torres Denver City Council, District 3
    Tony Pigford Denver City Council, District 4
    Shontel Lewis Denver City Council, District 8
    Candi CdeBaca Denver City Council, District 9
    Shannon Hoffman Denver City Council, District 10
    Lisa Calderón Denver Mayor
    Ballot measures
    Colorado Springs: YES on Issue 1
    Denver: NO on Referred Question 20
  • Georgia

    WFP Georgia
    Donya Sartor Jonesboro Mayor
    Ron Davis Mableton City Council, District 1
    Kisha Scott Mableton City Council, District 2
    Shanequa Moore Mableton City Council, District 4
  • Illinois

    Lori Torres Whitt Chicago Board of Alderman, Ward 36
    Brandon Johnson Chicago Mayor
  • Louisiana

    Simone Levine New Orleans Criminal Court Justice, Section A
  • Massachusetts

    Elizabeth Warren U.S. Senate
  • Michigan

    Mai Xiong Warren City Clerk
  • New Jersey

    WFP New Jersey
    Robert Fitzpatrick State Assembly, District 3
    Tanzie Youngblood State Assembly, District 3
    Alixon Collazos-Gill State Assembly, District 27
    John McKeon State Assembly, District 27
    Mario De Santis State Senate, District 3
    Angela McKnight State Senate, District 31
  • New York

    WFP New York
    Kevin Crosier Albany County Coroner Albany Capital District/North Country
    Daniel McCoy Albany County Executive Albany Capital District/North Country
    Susan Kushner Albany County Family Court Judge Albany Capital District/North Country
    Carolyn McLaughlin Albany County Legislator District 1 Albany Capital District/North Country
    Merton Simpson Albany County Legislator District 2 Albany Capital District/North Country
    Wanda Willingham Albany County Legislator District 3 Albany Capital District/North Country
    Celeste Barrett-Tolliver Albany County Legislator District 4 Albany Capital District/North Country
    Matt Peter Albany County Legislator District 5 Albany Capital District/North Country
    Sam Fein Albany County Legislator District 6 Albany Capital District/North Country
    Lynne Lekakis Albany County Legislator District 8 Albany Capital District/North Country
  • Ohio

    WFP Ohio
    Fran Wilson Akron City Council, At-Large
    Adrienne Hood Columbus City Council
  • Pennsylvania

    WFP Pennsylvania
    Helen Gym Philadelphia Mayor
    Jarrett Smith Philadelphia City Commissioner
    Kendra Brooks Philadelphia City Council, At-Large
    Nicolas O’Rourke Philadelphia City Council, At-Large
    Bethany Hallam Allegheny County Council
    Dan Grzybek Allegheny County Council
    Matt Dugan Allegheny County District Attorney
    Sara Innamorato Allegheny County Executive
    Devon Taliaferro Allegheny County School Board
    Ce-Ce Gerlach Allentown City Council
  • Texas

    WFP Texas
    Kimberlee Walter Corsicana Mayor
    Adam Bazaldua Dallas City Council, District 7
    Gilbert Graim Desoto City Council, Place 2
    Bently Paiz New Braunfels City Council, District 5
    Mariano “Andy” Garcia Pasadena ISD School Board, Position 6
    Jalen McKee-Rodriguez San Antonio City Council, District 2
    Teri Castillo San Antonio City Council, District 5
    Zoe Grant Temple City Council, District 2
    Ballot measures
    Austin: YES on the Austin Police Oversight Act, Prop A
    San Antonio: YES on the San Antonio Justice Charter, Prop A
  • Virginia

    Steve Descano Commonwealth Attorney, Fairfax County
    Parisa Dehghani-Tafti Commonwealth Attorney, Arlington County
    Buta Biberaj Commonwealth Attorney, Loudoun County
    Josh King Prince William County Sheriff
    Craig Buckley Sheriff Candidate, Loudoun County
    Rae Cousins State House, District 79
    Nadarius Clark State House, District 84
    Sally Hudson State Senate, District 11
    Lashrecse Aird State Senate, District 13
    Jennifer Carroll Foy State Senate, District 33
  • Washington

    Patricia Hudson Burien City Council, Position 4
    Krystal Marx Burien City Council, Position 6
    Krystal Marx Burien City Council, Position 6
    Stephanie Tidholm Highline School Board
    Teresa Mosqueda King County Council, District 8
    Teresa Mosqueda King County Council, District 8
    Anthony Berkley Public Hospital, District 1
    James Lovell SeaTac City Council
    Elizabeth Greninger SeaTac City Council, Position 3
    Damiana Merriweather SeaTac City Council, Position 7
  • Wisconsin

    WFP Wisconsin
    Janet Protasiewicz Wisconsin Supreme Court
    Juliana Bennett Madison Common Council, District 2
    Maxwell Laubenstein Madison Common Council, District 4
    Marsha Rummel Madison Common Council, District 6
    Muralidharan “MGR” Govindarajan Madison Common Council, District 8
    Yannette Cole Madison Common Council, District 10
    Jael Currie Madison Common Council, District 16
    Caroline Gomez-Tom Milwaukee County Board, District 14
    Missy Zombor Milwaukee Public School Board, At-Large
    Marva Herndon Milwaukee Public School Board, District 1