Working Families Party


CT Working Families is an independent progressive political organization fighting to reduce inequality and striving to achieve a multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-faith, egalitarian society. 

We run aggressive issue and electoral campaigns across the state. We endeavor to abolish inequalities grounded in hierarchies of race, patriarchy, and wealth in order to raise standards for working families and achieve an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy and well-connected.

Our Candidates

Shonta’ Browdy Board of Education, Hartford
Jose Lopez Bridgeport, Board of Education
Joseph Sokolovic Bridgeport, Board of Education
Khalid Muhammad Bridgeport, Board of Education
Tyler Mack Bridgeport, City Council District 131
Dasha Spell Bridgeport, City Council District 132
Victoria Majewski Bridgeport, City Council District 139
Wanda Simmons Bridgeport, City Council District 139
Aikeem Boyd Bridgeport, City Council, District 133
Joseph DaSilva Danbury, Board of Education


Our main office is located at 30 Arbor Street, Suite 210, in Hartford, CT.

To reach the Connecticut Working Families Organization, call (860) 523-1699.

To reach the Connecticut Working Families Party, call (860) 656-9676.

For press inquiries, get in touch with Roger Senserrich. He can be reached at: or (203) 565-7298.