Working Families Party

Making California work for the many and not the few

The California Working Families Party is the grassroots party for the multiracial working class, fighting to make California care for all its people, not just the wealthy and well connected.

We are recruiting and training the next generation of progressive leaders to run for office and win, and we’re building a movement to work with our elected champions to fight for the future we deserve. Together, we’re fighting for economic justice, racial justice and climate justice. We believe we can transform California to work for all of us. 

WFP is a multiracial party that fights for workers over bosses and people over the powerful. If you’re fed up with billionaire-driven politics as usual, we invite you to find a political home in the California WFP and get involved in making the change you want to see.

CA WFP Member Organizations:

Our Candidates

Pamela Price Alameda County District Attorney
Tamisha Walker Antioch City Council
Anthony Fuentes Bakersfield City School Board, District 2
Kate Harrison Berkeley City Council
Ray Buenaventura Daly City Council
Roderick Daus Magbual Daly City Council
Veva Islas Fresno Unified Education Board, District 4
George Syrop Hayward City Council
Paloma Aguirre Imperial Beach Mayor
Rex Richardson Long Beach Mayor

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