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We believe that the people most affected by a problem or injustice deserve to be at the forefront of decision making for solutions and changes.

We are building the non-delusional, multiracial, grassroots, feminist political party of our dreams — and we specifically invite all Black, Brown, women, gender non-conforming, poor and working class people to join our party and lead this political power shift.

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WFP - Black Lives Matter

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WFP is regular people, coming together across our differences, to make a better future for us all. We’re the party of the multiracial working class, fighting for our freedoms and to build a nation that cares for all of us. And when we join together in numbers, we know we are unstoppable.

If you’re with us in this fight, join the Working Families Party as a member today.

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Welcome gatherings are an energetic space where you can meet other working people pursuing a bold vision of a world where we can thrive, not just survive. We’ll share our stories containing our desires and vision for a political party that truly is for us and by us. We’ll get concrete about how we are building the power we need to have an impact locally and nationally in this political moment. You can get your questions about the party answered here. And we can help you sort out a meaningful next step to throw down with the party!

If there isn’t a local welcome gathering happening for your state, or you aren’t available to attend that day, attend our National Welcome Gathering. All are welcome!

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WFP - Black Lives Matter

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The Working Families Party offers supporters many opportunities to engage nationwide in co-creating and investing in our party, and in helping elect our candidates and win the world we want to see — from text parties to phone bankings and so much more.

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