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Work for Working Families:

The Working Families Party and Working Families Organization are looking for dedicated progressives who share our passion for justice.  We are hiring recent college grads, enthusiastic students, and talented activists to work on exciting campaigns for raising the minimum wage, rent stabilization, healthcare reform, clean and fair elections, green energy, progressive taxation and to elect strong progressive candidates. Become part of the most exciting progressive political project in the country! Here’s what our current staff has to say:

photo 1I have always believed in progressive principles, but never had a way to channel this into something productive. As a freelance dance artist, not only does WFP provide me with the flexibility I need to pursue my artistic ambitions, but I know that the work I do here really does matter. It is a rare and special thing to actually feel fulfilled by any job, so I consider myself lucky. -Talya E.
photo 2 (1)As a young person in this economic recession, I feel uncertain about my own future.  So I want to fight for better economic policies that will help everyone at the bottom, not just myself.  That’s why I came to Working Families. I work everyday to mobilize New Yorkers about hard-hitting bread and butter issues. To see direct results from my everyday work printed in the front pages of the news validates that I am a contributing piece of the puzzle. – Christina H.
As a newcomer to New York, just out of college, I applied to WFP
knowing that I was a progressive with an appetite for making a Jay chiudifference.  What I found at the WFP was one of the best, friendliest work environments I could imagine. I immediately saw that my coworkers were similar to me in their commitment to the issues, yet had diverse backgrounds and experiences. 
In what can often feel like an apathetic world, I have learned how to communicate effectively with people and get them to care about real political change.  Everyday I help people get involved to create real legislative change to make economic justice a reality. -Jay C.

Multiple Positions Available

  1. Salaried Positions
  2. Full Health Benefits
  3. Paid vacation / Sick Days
  4. Full Training Provided
  5. Work in a Friendly, Inspiring setting fighting for justice for working people