WFP Endorses Cynthia Nixon for Governor


Moments ago, the State Committee of the New York Working Families Party voted to officially endorse Cynthia Nixon for Governor and Jumaane Williams for Lieutenant Governor.

We’re ready to go all-out for Cynthia and Jumaane and build a New York for the many, not just the few. But the only way we can win is if we all work together. That’s why I’m asking you directly:

Are you in? Chip in $20 right now to say you support Cynthia Nixon, Jumaane Williams, and the Working Families Party:

Our state committee decided overwhelmingly to endorse Cynthia and Jumaane today because they believe we can have a New York where our leaders always put working families first, not real estate billionaires and hedge-fund donors.

We can have a New York where our leaders no longer rule by bullying and fear, but actually fight for and win victories like an end to mass incarceration, making it easier to vote, expanding workers rights, public financing of elections, full funding of our kids’ public schools, universal health care, a 100% renewable energy economy, affordable housing, a revitalized upstate economy, and — yes — a functional subway system.

We’re endorsing Cynthia and Jumaane because we believe in this vision of a New York for the many, not just the few — and we know that we can achieve it if the people come together.

As an activist leader, Cynthia has been fighting for better schools and more equitable education funding across New York state for almost two decades, organizing to help reverse hundreds of millions in education budget cuts.

As a New York City Councilman, Jumaane has helped lead the fight to end the abuse of stop-and-frisk, prevent gun violence, and for affordable housing, equity, and social justice. Both have been longtime allies who working families can count on to always stand with us.

The vote just happened, and we’ll have much more to share soon. But right now, I need to ask you one question: Are you in?

Contribute $20 right now to say you stand with Cynthia Nixon, Jumaane Williams, and WFP.

In solidarity,

Bill Lipton
Working Families Party