A new brand to meet this moment


Please read the below note from WFP National Director Maurice Mitchell:

WFP Family,

When I took the helm of the Working Families Party two years ago, the organization already had a strong foundation.

The WFP was born out of a powerful coming together of labor unions and community groups. Over its twenty-year history, the WFP had expanded the window of the politically possible in states like New York, Maryland, West Virginia, Colorado, Illinois, and more.

But there were so many people with so much energy we were leaving off the table. If we want to build the WFP into a national political party, we need to engage a multiracial, working-class base of individuals behind it — and make WFP an electoral expression of social movements that have helped change the national political climate over the past decade: Occupy Wall Street, the Movement for Black Lives, Me Too, the immigrant’s rights movement, and more.

That’s why early in my tenure here, we concluded that our aesthetic should reflect our internal shift in priorities. WFP’s tried-and-true blue had served the organization well for two decades. It was solid and recognizable:

But we needed the brand to reflect the profound changes taking place within the WFP. Something fresh, bold, and inclusive that honored and drew from the past while looking towards the future:

This brand refresh has been a long process that forced us to dig deep and think through the Party we’re building. It’s been a delight to work with our designers, staff, and members to arrive at this new brand — and to share it with all of you.

Now, we’re hoping you can help us get this brand out there — while making sure we take back the White House and win the transformational change we need to create the type of country and world we all want to live in.

All you have to do is donate ANY amount using this link — even $1 — and we’ll ship a sticker with our new logo your way.

You can read more about our new brand here, and check out more items in our new store here!

In solidarity,

Maurice Mitchell
National Director
Working Families Party