Connecticut Senate passes Fair Workweek bill

FWW Senate win

Carlos Moreno, CT Working Families State Director, issued the following statement after the Connecticut State Senate passed SB668, the proposed Fair Workweek law, by a margin of 20-16. If enacted, Connecticut would become the second state to adopt a Fair Workweek law.

“With today’s Senate vote, Connecticut takes an important step to ensure that workers have a voice on their work schedules. S.B. 668, the Fair Workweek bill, provides stability and predictability to workers, requiring employers to set schedules in advance, and providing compensation for last-minute changes. The bill also guarantees adequate rest between shifts and requires employers to offer additional shifts to current employees before hiring additional staff.” 

“The fair work week bill is a commonsense proposal that enhances communication and fosters more collaboration between employers and employees to find a mutually beneficial schedule that benefits both parties.The research consistently shows that everywhere that fair work week laws are in place, businesses and employees both benefit. Employees are able to plan better, balance their schedules, rely on the hours they are scheduled to work and the income they expect to receive, and care for their families and themselves. Employers experience far less unplanned absences quite simply because employees are involved in the scheduling process. More so, they experience better employee productivity, retention and, even, sales. This bill gives flexibility to employees, not just the employers.”

“We know this kind of legislation can make a big difference in the lives of workers, just like it has everywhere else it’s in place. 

Tonight, we heard many disingenuous attempts by Republicans claiming that these laws are unnecessary, and that this bad corporate behavior should remain unchecked. They would rather side with large, multinational corporations than the workers they continually exploit.”

“We express our deepest thanks to Senator Looney, Senator Duff, Senator Cabrera and Senator Kushner for their unwavering support and steadfast leadership on behalf of low wage workers in our state.”

CT Working Families and the Fair Workweek Coalition would like to thank Senator Looney for introducing the fair workweek bill this session and his continued leadership on behalf of low wage workers. We also want to commend Senator Duff and all the Senate Democrats who stood with low wage workers tonight. And our deepest gratitude to Senator Kushner, the labor co-chair, for fighting for the rights of workers and championing common sense legislation that helps them get ahead.

We look forward to working with legislative leaders in the House, as well as Governor Lamont, to pass this legislation to show low wage workers, many of whom we relied on during the pandemic, that we value them.