Meet our Fellows Team!

We’re so excited to introduce everyone to our Summer 2021 Freedom Corps Fellows. These youth organizers and activists from across the state are ready and motivated to advance the Working Families Party in California, and we would like to take a moment to introduce them to you all! 

Carolina (she/her) joins us from Orange County. She’s passionate about police accountability, community oversight, transformative justice, and fighting for the environment by advocating for sustainability. She loves 60’s and 70’s rock and shares that she’s always looking for new additions to her vinyl collection. When asked why she’s excited to work alongside CA WFP, she said, “I’m proud to be working with the CA WFP because of our commitment to investing in historically marginalized communities and our drive to uplift local and regional leadership as we demonstrate the true potential of people power in politics.”

Kassandra (she/her) hails from East Los Angeles and organizes in Boyle Heights to educate her community members about the importance of defunding the police and ensuring liveable wages for all. She also loves to work directly with youth and shares that investing in their voices is critical. In her free time, she loves discovering and experimenting with new types of coffee, and exploring nature by going on hikes. She shares, “I’m excited to be working with WFP because it’s the first political home that values accountability, transparency, and feels right to me. WFP is grassroots, funded by the people, and is ready to recruit, support, and elect progressive local leaders in office- I’m ready for it all!”

Luis (he/him) joins us from San Bernardino. He recognizes the importance of fighting against the lasting impacts of climate change, protecting our communities by adopting police reform, and advocating for good jobs for all. He shares that he finds joy in the simple things- namely, going on long night drives listening to his latest favorite playlists. Luis is proud to be with us and states, “I’m glad that WFP is willing to invest in young people of color and teach them the skills necessary to organize, given our current political landscape.”

You can read more about our awesome fellows by checking out our latest Instagram post @caworkingfamiliesparty!