California Working Families Party is Here!

While California is recognized nationwide as a solidly blue state, our communities know that the Moderate Bloc’s grasp on our State Legislature, coupled with the relentless calls of the right-wing to enact regressive policies and threaten progressive seats with growing recall efforts, has created a reality in which many of us are struggling to get by. 

As if contending with a global pandemic wasn’t enough of a challenge for us and our families, we face difficulties in securing the dignity we deserve as we’re confronted with lack of affordable housing, access to quality healthcare, and an escalating climate crisis that is already impacting our communities. 

We know that now is the time to unite and support candidates who are committed to ensuring that our elected officials represent our needs, not those of corporate donors and special interests.  We’re launching the California Working Families Party. 

Check out our official launch video below, where our affiliated organization leaders break down our vision of the party’s future in California and why we need you to join us in the fight for economic, racial, gender, and climate justice to achieve durable and lasting progressive power at the ballot box and beyond.