CT WFP: Governor Lamont proposals don’t go far enough to address pandemic recovery


Hartford, Conn. – The Connecticut Working Families Party issued the following statement in response to Governor Ned Lamont’s state of the state speech at the Capitol.

Sarah Ganong, Campaigns Director, Connecticut Working Families: 

“The Governor’s address today put forward a set of measures that will provide some welcome support to Connecticut’s working families but fall short of the reforms we need.

While we’re pleased to see the Governor’s commitment to provide some tax relief for working families, his budget proposals do not ask enough from those who have increased their fortunes during the pandemic, and they don’t go far enough to support those who need it most. 

In the last two years, Connecticut families have benefited from an increasing minimum wage. Today our Paid Family & Medical Leave program is up and running, ensuring that workers in our state no longer need to choose between their family and their job. After two years of a global pandemic, it’s time for our government to meet the moment once again. 

Connecticut is one of the most unequal, segregated states in the country. During these years of crisis and recovery, we’ve seen the consequences: those at the very top saw their wealth increase faster than ever, while working families continue to live with anxiety about their health, safety, and their next paycheck.

It is time for Connecticut to make a push for economic growth that puts working families first, and truly make our state the best place to raise a family in our country. We can give workers the stability and respect they need in their workplace with Fair Workweek legislation. We can provide pandemic hazard pay to all essential workers, regardless of where they work. We can make Connecticut more affordable by addressing segregation, redlining, and exclusionary zoning laws. We can build a path to opportunity by fully funding public education. We can take steps towards making healthcare truly universal, so no one – no matter their documentation status – will face the choice between paying medical bills or rent. We can ensure that working families, especially women and people of color who were already struggling before the pandemic, get the support they need to thrive.

We look forward to getting to work with our elected leaders and allies to address our state’s challenges. Many of these proposals require political courage and a commitment to break from the people and institutions that perpetuate inequality in our state. We need a different Connecticut, one that works for all and not just the wealthy and well-connected.”