NYWFP Endorses Jumaane Williams and Ana María Archila


We’re excited to share our endorsement of Ana María Archila for Lieutenant Governor of New York! Ana María joins Jumaane Williams at the top of our statewide ticket, and we couldn’t imagine two more courageous champions for working New Yorkers.

If you don’t know Ana María, she’s a leading figure in the fight for immigrant rights, worker justice, LGBTQ equality, and women’s rights — and has been for almost two decades. Many remember when Ana María confronted Senator Jeff Flake in an elevator over his support for known abuser Brett Kavanaugh. She shows that same courage and moral clarity in everything she does.

Today we’re asking you to stand for a more just New York by joining our campaign for Jumaane and Ana María. Add your name and share with your friends and family.

Our opponents may have millions in real estate money, but we have the vision and grassroots energy to take on the billionaire class. Jumaane and Ana María are fighting for a New York where everyone can live with dignity, stability, and peace-of-mind.

Add your name today to let us know that you’re ready to elect Jumaane and Ana María as our next Governor and Lieutenant Governor.