Tell Amazon: Recognize the union!

Since the very beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Amazon workers have risked their personal health and safety, so other Americans could stay home.

Amazon reported a near 200-percent rise in profits throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, with profits rising over $6 billion. Amazon founder and executive chairman Jeff Bezos got richer due to the pandemic, thanks to the workers who put their health and safety on the line. But starting today, Amazon is ending its practice of giving workers paid time off if they test positive for Covid-19.

Amazon’s lack of worker protections and disregard for health and safety was the catalyst for unionization efforts across the country. Last month, Amazon workers at a Staten Island warehouse became the first unionized Amazon employees in the United States. They overcame extreme union-busting to win their union by a significant margin, but the company has still failed to officially recognize the Amazon Labor Union (ALU).

With Amazon rescinding its paid Covid leave policy, we need to send a strong message to them that we stand with workers, and that we expect them to fulfill their legal obligation and recognize the Amazon Labor Union. Will you stand in solidarity with Amazon workers by sending a tweet to @Amazon demanding they recognize the union?

I stand with the workers who overwhelmingly voted for a union and demand @JeffBezos and @Amazon fulfill their legal obligation and recognize @AmazonLabor. Tweet @Amazon now »

Or if you aren’t on Twitter, email Amazon board members to demand they take action to ensure that Amazon stops disputing the genuine votes of workers and begins the process of landing a fair contract.

Amazon is the second-largest employer in the United States. After the Staten Island warehouse vote, workers at more than 100 U.S.- based Amazon facilities have contacted the Amazon Labor Union about unionizing.

This is just the beginning of a labor movement that is growing in response to the failures of corporations, like Amazon, in protecting working people during a deadly pandemic.

Working people are fighting back, and we need to amplify their voices right now. Please take a moment and send a tweet to Amazon and billionaire Jeff Bezos demanding they recognize the ALU.

In solidarity,

Team WFP