New York needs leaders who will fight for us – not them

In New York, too many politicians serve them, and not us

Read more on how four legislators are putting special interests before working families below:

Santabarbara is backed by a far-right party

Assemblymember Angelo Santabarbara embraces the Conservative Party. Santabarbara has previously run on the Conservative Party line and is currently seeking the line for this 2022 election.1 Santabarbara’s Conservative Party agenda includes: repealing New York’s abortion law and removing exemptions for rape and incest, weakening voting rights, pushing “meaningful cuts” to Medicaid and public schools, abolishing the minimum wage, and repealing paid family leave.2

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Benedetto sides with Trump, not us

Assemblymember Michael Benedetto was backed by Donald Trump: Donald Trump personally gave $2,500 to Benedetto, Benedetto cashed a $4,100 campaign check from Trump’s company1, and Benedetto voted to protect Donald Trump’s tax returns from being released.2 According to records maintained by the New York State Board of Elections, Benedetto has received at least $35,100 from lobbyists.

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Cahill has taken thousands from special interests

Assemblymember Kevin Cahill has left working families in the Hudson Valley behind in favor of special interests. Cahill has received more than $238,000 in contributions from the insurance industry. Cahill has also received $35,000 from corporate lobbyists and $15,500 from the oil and gas industry in campaign contributions.1

1. New York State Board of Elections

While renters struggle, Dinowitz cozies up to real estate lobby

While Bronx rents skyrocketed, Assemblymember Jeffrey Dinowitz took campaign checks from the largest real estate industry PAC nine times.1 Jeffrey Dinowitz voted for a $600 million Buffalo stadium subsidy for a FL billionaire, and called it the “best budget” in 28 years.2

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