WFP Statement on Dobbs v. Jackson: “A dark day for our nation”

In response to today’s Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson, Working Families Party Director of Strategy and Partnerships Nelini Stamp said: 

“This is a dark day for our nation. A right-wing Supreme Court has stripped women and people seeking abortions of their long-held rights to control their bodies. This radical decision is out of step with the values and beliefs of the American people, and will cause lasting harm for millions of people. 

“Make no mistake, white Christian nationalists have been working towards this moment for 50 years. They have exploited the most anti-democratic features of our political system, from the courts to the Electoral College to the United States Senate. They have engaged in outrageous power grabs, bulldozed basic norms, and can’t be bothered to justify their hypocrisy. They know their views are unpopular so they rig our democracy to enshrine minority rule, trampling our rights. 

“Restoring our democracy and regaining the rights codified in decisions like Roe and Casey may take many years, but the work begins now. We must defy this decision and use direct action and civil disobedience to confront the powerful, unaccountable judges and politicians who have run roughshod over our rights. We must fight tooth and nail for access to abortion in the states, which is already under assault by the same forces that overturned Roe. And finally, we must reclaim our federal government, including the judiciary. That means building a functional Democratic majority in Congress and the Senate that is willing to eliminate the Jim Crow filibuster and rebalance our Supreme Court. 

“None of this will be easy. None of it will happen quickly. But it is the crucial work ahead for everyone who wants this to be a nation where all of us can thrive and be free.”  

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