Join the Green Wave to defend abortion rights

When Republicans achieved their nearly 50 year campaign to overturn Roe, they didn’t realize the fury they unleashed. But last Tuesday, they got their first taste.

In a resounding victory for reproductive rights, voters in Kansas turned out in droves — with the highest turnout since 2008 — and defeated a constitutional amendment that would have removed protections for abortion rights in the state constitution by seventeen points.

This wasn’t just a ripple, this was a tsunami. And we’re just getting started.

Everywhere Republicans go, we intend to hold them accountable — and get them on record for their anti-abortion views. That’s why we’re launching Green Wave Wednesdays — where every Wednesday this month, voters will pay a visit to their representatives and ask them where they stand on abortion rights.

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Inspired by the Green Wave movement in Argentina, where thousands flooded the streets every week for years until the Green Wave grew into the force that won abortion rights, we’re not giving up until every woman and person seeking an abortion has regained full control of their reproductive rights.

It starts with getting Republican lawmakers on record for their anti-abortion views. So we’re asking constituents to get them on video — so that when voters head to the polls this November — they’ll be ready to deliver a stunning rebuke for their attacks on our reproductive rights.

Take your righteous fury and dive into action with us. Join Green Wave Wednesdays to get Republicans on the record and demand that any politician who seeks to represent us does everything in their power to protect our communities and our rights.

In solidarity,

Team WFP

P.S. Want more ways to take action? Text ROE to 30403 for the latest updates and actions to protect abortion rights.