Mandela, Ilhan, and Becca won!

Last Tuesday, August 9, we competed in races in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Vermont, and Connecticut — and we’ve got some good news to share!

WFP champion Mandela Barnes has declared victory in the Wisconsin Senate primary with 77.8% of the vote — showing how strong our movement is when we come together to fight for working families and to build the country of our dreams. Now, he’ll face Republican Ron Johnson, one of the most vulnerable Senators up for reelection, in just three months.

In Minnesota, Ilhan Omar defended her seat from a challenge to the right, against an opponent boosted by Republicans and super PACs, and Becca Balint in Vermont won her primary to be the state’s sole House Representative — making her likely to be the first woman to represent Vermonters in Congress. Two of our three candidates for Connecticut State Senate, Charneil Bush and Martha Marx, will be competing in the general election, along with our Comptroller candidate Sean Scanlon.

We also got news in from Tennessee: Mary Moriarty was the top vote-getter in the Hennepin County Attorney primary on Thursday, August 4. She’ll move on to a top-2 general election in November, where she’ll continue to champion criminal justice reform and fight for a system that is just and equitable.

The fight isn’t over yet. These candidates and the rest of our Working Families champions need to win in November before they can make the change we need to see. WFP volunteers and organizers are reaching out to voters across the country, and we want you to join us! Click here to sign up for a volunteer event and help grow our movement.