Big wins in Michigan, Missouri, Arizona, and more

Last week, voters in Arizona, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Tennessee, and Washington went to the polls to make it clear what they’re fighting for, and who they want fighting for them in office. The results are in.

WFP candidates and causes won big, with Squad members Cori Bush and Rashida Tlaib winning tough primaries in new districts and Kansans turning out in huge numbers to protect the right to an abortion.

There’s more good news: In Shelby County, Tennessee, WFP candidate Steve Mulroy beat one of the worst District Attorneys in the country. With a win in November, Steve will spend the next eight years making Shelby County’s justice system more just, compassionate, and equitable. And in Arizona, 14 of our 19 endorsed candidates won their primaries, the majority of which are not facing an opponent in November.

These closely-watched races and more send a message about the kind of country voters want to live in. The kind of country where you can comfortably provide for your family, and where you’re free to decide when and if you want that family to grow. A country where you’ll be respected by your government, not targeted. A country where getting sick doesn’t doom you to a lifetime of debt. The kind of country we at the Working Families Party are fighting for. 

Over the last few months, our volunteers and activists got out the vote on the phone, at the doors, on TV, and online, and WFP organizers trained candidates and staffers to run powerful campaigns that meet people where they’re at. Organizing works, and every little bit our supporters could give helped push Cori, Rashida, and more over the finish line. But we can’t get complacent.

Super PACs are continuing to funnel massive amounts of money from the ultra-wealthy into our key races to elect people who are only interested in maintaining the status quo. And sometimes, this money wins. Rep. Andy Levin, a progressive champion who has fought hard for workers both in and out of Congress, lost his primary on Tuesday after millions of dollars were poured into his opponent’s campaign by right-wing super PACs representing Republican interests. 

Losses like Andy’s show us just how hard ultra-wealthy conservatives are willing to fight to keep taking as much money and power for themselves as possible, and how important it is that we don’t stop fighting back.

Our movement is gaining momentum, and voters are taking a stand against the extreme and unpopular policies being pushed every day by the right. But Rashida, Cori, and the rest of the WFP champions who’ve won their primaries still need to beat Republican opponents in the general in order to pass the policies we need the most. 

As we prepare for November’s midterm election and the fight ahead, we’ll need the resources to take on conservative Super PACs and win. Can you pitch in $10 now to help build our movement across the country and counter the right-wing donors trying to buy these elections for themselves?

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