Delaware Progressives Triumph Over Moneyed Incumbents and Party Insiders

For progressives in Delaware, Tuesday night’s primary elections brought a number of victories in city council, state house, and state senate races across the state.

WFP-endorsed incumbents Madinah Wilson-Anton and Eric Morrison held off right-wing primary challengers by 2-1 margins, while Sophie Phillips and Cyndie Romer absolutely dominated their open primaries, and DeShanna Neal triumphed over the House Majority Whip by just 24 votes.

But this progressive wave didn’t come out of nowhere — each and every vote was hard-earned.

Over the course of the primary election season, the Party launched canvasses reaching more than 4,000 doors, hosted phone banks resulting in more than 20,000 phone calls to voters, and texted more than 20,000 voters about our endorsed candidates. The Party also worked closely with endorsed candidates on messaging and organizing strategy, and helped first-time candidates overcome some of the initial hurdles to running for office and understand what it takes to run a successful campaign.

“Tonight’s results make it clear: voters are ready for leaders who will fight for progressive policies that actually improve people’s lives, and Working Families Party candidates are ready to deliver. Bold action on affordable housing, clean air and water, police reform and more isn’t just good policy, it’s now without a doubt the common-sense path to winning office in Delaware.” said Delaware Working Families Party organizer Karl Stomberg.

This string of progressive victories in the Delaware General Assembly pave the way for WFP’s elected champions to pass a suite of progressive reforms in 2023, including the Community Workforce Agreements Act, LEOBOR reform, marijuana legalization, granting a tenants right to counsel and establishing a green Amendment that would guarantee the right to pure water, clean air, and a healthy environment.

In Delaware and beyond, WFP is confident that we’re well on our way to change.