WFP statement on Brandon Johnson advancing to the Chicago Mayoral Runoff

In response to tonight’s results in the Chicago mayoral election, Working Families Party National Director Maurice Mitchell said: 

“Tonight brings us closer to a Chicago that works for the many, not the few. Brandon Johnson surged into the top two by running a people-powered campaign and building a true multiracial coalition. His achievement is also the result of years of painstaking work by Chicago organizers building power together in United Working Families. 

“The contrast in this run-off could not be clearer. In one corner, we have a classroom teacher and union organizer with deep community roots. In the other corner, we have conservative Paul Vallas, who is backed by the Trump-supporting Fraternal Order of Police and has never come across a public school he didn’t want to gut. 

“There’s no question even more dark money will flood this election in the coming weeks. The right wing sees our movement gaining momentum and will do everything possible to stop us. But tonight is more proof that organized people can beat organized money. Brandon Johnson has always had the backs of working families, and in April, we’ll have his.”