NYWFP Voting Guide for the 2023 Primary Election

The New York Working Families Party is proud to be supporting over 500 candidates across New York State this cycle who will stand up for working New Yorkers.

This year’s primary election is on Tuesday, June 27, 2023. Early voting runs from Saturday, June 17 – Sunday, June 25.

You can find your voter registration, poll site, or check on the status of your absentee ballot here.

To request an absentee ballot, follow the steps here.

For any additional questions about voting, contact your local Board of Elections.

Kevin CrosierAlbany County CoronerAlbanyCapital District/North Country
Daniel McCoyAlbany County ExecutiveAlbanyCapital District/North Country
Susan KushnerAlbany County Family Court JudgeAlbanyCapital District/North Country
Carolyn McLaughlinAlbany County Legislator District 1AlbanyCapital District/North Country
Merton SimpsonAlbany County Legislator District 2AlbanyCapital District/North Country
Wanda WillinghamAlbany County Legislator District 3AlbanyCapital District/North Country
Celeste Barrett-TolliverAlbany County Legislator District 4AlbanyCapital District/North Country
Matt PeterAlbany County Legislator District 5AlbanyCapital District/North Country
Sam FeinAlbany County Legislator District 6AlbanyCapital District/North Country
Lynne LekakisAlbany County Legislator District 8AlbanyCapital District/North Country
Andrew JoyceAlbany County Legislator District 9AlbanyCapital District/North Country
Alison McLean LaneAlbany County Legislator District 14AlbanyCapital District/North Country
Susan Quine LaurilliardAlbany County Legislator District 22AlbanyCapital District/North Country
Dustin ReidyAlbany County Legislator District 30AlbanyCapital District/North Country
William ReinhardtAlbany County Legislator District 33AlbanyCapital District/North Country
Joanne CunninghamAlbany County Legislator District 34AlbanyCapital District/North Country
Jeffrey KuhnAlbany County Legislator District 35AlbanyCapital District/North Country
Matt MillerAlbany County Legislator District 36AlbanyCapital District/North Country
Hebert JosephAlbany County Legislator District 39AlbanyCapital District/North Country
Joyce BeckerBethlehem, Member of Town CouncilAlbanyCapital District/North Country
Thomas SchnurrBethlehem, Member of Town CouncilAlbanyCapital District/North Country
Alicia RoneyBethlehem, Receiver of TaxesAlbanyCapital District/North Country
David VanLuvenBethlehem, Town SupervisorAlbanyCapital District/North Country
William SmithCohoes, Member of City Council Ward 1AlbanyCapital District/North Country
Adam BiggsCohoes, Member of City Council Ward 5AlbanyCapital District/North Country
Gustavo SantosGuiderland, Member of Town BoardAlbanyCapital District/North Country
Jacob CrawfordGuiderland, Member of Town BoardAlbanyCapital District/North Country
Margaret TabakGuiderland, Town JusticeAlbanyCapital District/North Country
Peter BarberGuiderland, Town SupervisorAlbanyCapital District/North Country
Lisa WilliamsNew Scotland, Town ClerkAlbanyCapital District/North Country
Jacob W. AveryCity of Plattsburgh Councilmember, Ward 2ClintonCapital District/North Country
David G. MonetteCity of Plattsburgh Councilmember, Ward 5ClintonCapital District/North Country
Brandi B. LloydClinton County ClerkClintonCapital District/North Country
Charles “Chuck” KostykTown of Plattsburgh CouncilmemberClintonCapital District/North Country
Tom WoodTown of Plattsburgh CouncilmemberClintonCapital District/North Country
Kathryn “Katie” KallucheTown of Plattsburgh Town ClerkClintonCapital District/North Country
Greg J. BurnellTown of Plattsburgh Town Highway SuperintendentClintonCapital District/North Country
James D. JoyceTown of Plattsburgh Town JusticeClintonCapital District/North Country
Michael S. CashmanTown of Plattsburgh Town SupervisorClintonCapital District/North Country
Brian HermanColumbia County Court JudgeColumbiaCapital District/North Country
Mark PortinColumbia County Court JudgeColumbiaCapital District/North Country
Kamal JohnsonMayor, City of HudsonColumbiaCapital District/North Country
Michael ChameidesSupervisor, 3rd Ward, City of HudsonColumbiaCapital District/North Country
Claire CousinSupervisor, 1st Ward, City of HudsonColumbiaCapital District/North Country
Richard WolfTown Supervisor, Town of CopakeColumbiaCapital District/North Country
Gregory D. YoungSupervisor, City of Gloversville Ward 5FultonCapital District/North Country
Tiffani T. SilvermanCity of Troy, Council District 5RensselaerCapital District/North Country
Susan SteeleCity of Troy, Council PresidentRensselaerCapital District/North Country
Nina M. NicholsCity of Troy, MayorRensselaerCapital District/North Country
Richard K. Matters, Jr.Town of East Greenbush Town CouncilRensselaerCapital District/North Country
Mary Frances SaboTown of North Greenbush Town CouncilRensselaerCapital District/North Country
George B. Burke, IIITown of North Greenbush Town JusticeRensselaerCapital District/North Country
Michael MyerTown of North Greenbush Town SupervisorRensselaerCapital District/North Country
Dahn S. BullClifton Park Highway SuperintendentSaratogaCapital District/North Country
Mario L. FantiniClifton Park Town Council MemberSaratogaCapital District/North Country
Zabed ManirClifton Park Town Council MemberSaratogaCapital District/North Country
Robert A. RybakClifton Park Town JusticeSaratogaCapital District/North Country
Ronald J. KimSaratoga Springs MayorSaratogaCapital District/North Country
Gordon M. BoydSupervisor City of Saratoga SpringsSaratogaCapital District/North Country
Carl WilliamsCity of Schenectady City CouncilpersonSchenectadyCapital District/North Country
Joseph ManciniCity of Schenectady City CouncilpersonSchenectadyCapital District/North Country
Marion PorterfieldCity of Schenectady MayorSchenectadyCapital District/North Country
Amanda Gonzalez-BaroneGlenville Town CouncilpersonSchenectadyCapital District/North Country
Jessica BrennanNiskayuna Town CouncilpersonSchenectadyCapital District/North Country
William McPartlonNiskayuna Town CouncilpersonSchenectadyCapital District/North Country
Jaime PuccioniNiskayuna Town SupervisorSchenectadyCapital District/North Country
Michelle OstrelichSchenectady County Legislator District 3SchenectadyCapital District/North Country
Kinya MiddletonBinghamton City Council Member, 2nd DistrictBroomeCentral NY
Olamni PorterBinghamton City Council Member, 1st DistrictBroomeCentral NY
Nate HotchkissBinghamton City Council Member, 4th DistrictBroomeCentral NY
Rebecca RathmellBinghamton City Council Member, 6th DistrictBroomeCentral NY
Michael DundonBinghamton City Council Member, 7th DistrictBroomeCentral NY
Matthew T. RyanBroome County District AttorneyBroomeCentral NY
Larry CoppolaEndicott Village MayorBroomeCentral NY
Christina CalarcoAuburn City CouncilorCayugaCentral NY
Rhoda Overstreet-WilsonAuburn City CouncilorCayugaCentral NY
James GiannettinoAuburn MayorCayugaCentral NY
Aileen McNabb-ColemanCayuga County Legislator District 5CayugaCentral NY
Heidi NightengaleCayuga County Legislator District 8CayugaCentral NY
Elane DalyCayuga County Legislator District 9CayugaCentral NY
Stephanie DeVitoCayuga County Legislator District 10CayugaCentral NY
Brian MuldrowCayuga County Legislator District 11CayugaCentral NY
Patricia LaneCortland City Council Member Ward 4CortlandCentral NY
Dorena KimballJefferson County TreasurerJeffersonCentral NY
Crystal FariaOneida County Legislator, District 10OneidaCentral NY
Caroline RealeOneida County Legislator, District 15OneidaCentral NY
Evon ErvinOneida County Legislator, District 20OneidaCentral NY
Ramona L. SmithRome Councilmember, Ward 4OneidaCentral NY
Julie GederosUtica Council-At-LargeOneidaCentral NY
Katie AielloUtica Councilmember, Ward 1OneidaCentral NY
Venice A. ErvinUtica Councilmember, Ward 5OneidaCentral NY
Celeste FriendUtica MayorOneidaCentral NY
Ian RennieDeWitt Town JusticeOnondagaCentral NY
John DeerManlius SupervisorOnondagaCentral NY
Alissa ItalianoManlius Town CouncilorOnondagaCentral NY
Heather WatersManlius Town CouncilorOnondagaCentral NY
Michael NesciManlius Town CouncilorOnondagaCentral NY
John Boyd IIManlius Town JudgeOnondagaCentral NY
Martin MasterpoleOnondaga County ComptrollerOnondagaCentral NY
Christopher J. RyanOnondaga County Legislator, District 8OnondagaCentral NY
Palmer HarveyOnondaga County Legislator, District 9OnondagaCentral NY
Carrie Ingersoll-WoodOnondaga County Legislator, District 10OnondagaCentral NY
Maurice BrownOnondaga County Legislator, District 15OnondagaCentral NY
Nodesia HernandezOnondaga County Legislator, District 17OnondagaCentral NY
Alexander MarionSyracuse City AuditorOnondagaCentral NY
Raquan Pride-GreenSyracuse City Councilmember At LargeOnondagaCentral NY
Rita PaniaguaSyracuse City Councilmember At LargeOnondagaCentral NY
Sean Reed Jr.Syracuse City Councilmember, District 1OnondagaCentral NY
Patrick HoganSyracuse City Councilmember, District 2OnondagaCentral NY
Jimmy MontoSyracuse City Councilmember, District 5OnondagaCentral NY
Mary DohertySyracuse City Court JudgeOnondagaCentral NY
Michael RootSyracuse School Board MemberOnondagaCentral NY
Ranette RelefordSyracuse School Board MemberOnondagaCentral NY
Tamica BarnettSyracuse School Board MemberOnondagaCentral NY
Alanna J. Zimmer-RedmondTown of Geddes Town CouncilorOnondagaCentral NY
Deborah M. DegilioTown of Geddes Town CouncilorOnondagaCentral NY
Mark SinkiewiczSeneca County District AttorneySenecaCentral NY
Phoebe BrownCity of Ithaca Alderperson, Ward 1, 2-year termTompkinsCentral NY
Kayla MatosCity of Ithaca Alderperson, Ward 1, 4-year termTompkinsCentral NY
Ducson NguyenCity of Ithaca Alderperson, Ward 2, 4-year termTompkinsCentral NY
Nathan SitamaranCity of Ithaca Alderperson, Ward 3, 4-year termTompkinsCentral NY
Tiffany KumarCity of Ithaca Alderperson, Ward 4, 2-year termTompkinsCentral NY
George DeFendiniCity of Ithaca Alderperson, Ward 4, 4-year termTompkinsCentral NY
Clyde LedermanCity of Ithaca Alderperson, Ward 5, 2-year termTompkinsCentral NY
Robert CantelmoCity of Ithaca MayorTompkinsCentral NY
West FoxIthaca Common Council Ward 2, 2-year termTompkinsCentral NY
Michelle SongIthaca Common Council Ward 5, 4-year termTompkinsCentral NY
Kathleen Kelley-MackenzieTown of Caroline CouncilpersonTompkinsCentral NY
Tim MurrayTown of Caroline CouncilpersonTompkinsCentral NY
Mark WitmerTown of Caroline Town SupervisorTompkinsCentral NY
Eric LevineTown of Ithaca CouncilpersonTompkinsCentral NY
Pamela BleiwasTown of Ithaca CouncilpersonTompkinsCentral NY
Susie Gutenberger-FitzpatrickTown of Ithaca CouncilpersonTompkinsCentral NY
Kathleen BerginTown of Ithaca Town JusticeTompkinsCentral NY
Dan Aymar-BlairBeacon Councilmember Ward 4DutchessHudson Valley
Paloma WakeBeacon Councilmember, At LargeDutchessHudson Valley
Wesley LeeCity of Poughkeepsie City MayorDutchessHudson Valley
Evan MenistCity of Poughkeepsie Councilmember Ward 2DutchessHudson Valley
Nathan ShookCity of Poughkeepsie Councilmember Ward 4DutchessHudson Valley
Megan DeichlerCity of Poughkeepsie Councilmember Ward 8DutchessHudson Valley
Vincent PediCity of Poughkeepsie Councilmember-at-LargeDutchessHudson Valley
Benjamin SchwartzDover Town Council MemberDutchessHudson Valley
Jill FieldsteinDover Town Council MemberDutchessHudson Valley
Kenya GadsdenDutchess County ClerkDutchessHudson Valley
Anthony ParisiDutchess County District AttorneyDutchessHudson Valley
Thomas ZurhellenDutchess County ExecutiveDutchessHudson Valley
James RogersDutchess County Family Court JudgeDutchessHudson Valley
Giancarlo LlaveriasDutchess County Legislator District 1DutchessHudson Valley
Frank MazellaDutchess County Legislator District 2DutchessHudson Valley
Brendan LawlerDutchess County Legislator District 4DutchessHudson Valley
Linda Haas ManleyDutchess County Legislator District 5DutchessHudson Valley
Lisa KaulDutchess County Legislator District 6DutchessHudson Valley
Craig BrendliDutchess County Legislator District 8DutchessHudson Valley
Barrington AtkinsDutchess County Legislator District 9DutchessHudson Valley
Brennan KearneyDutchess County Legislator District 11DutchessHudson Valley
Kathleen DaileyDutchess County Legislator District 13DutchessHudson Valley
Yvette Valdes-SmithDutchess County Legislator District 16DutchessHudson Valley
Claire OwensDutchess County Legislator District 19DutchessHudson Valley
Eric EckleyDutchess County Legislator District 21DutchessHudson Valley
Kristofer MunnDutchess County Legislator, District 20DutchessHudson Valley
Martin Mygan JrPawling Town Board MemberDutchessHudson Valley
Terrance WansleyPawling Town JusticeDutchessHudson Valley
John BaxterPleasant Valley Highway SuperintendentDutchessHudson Valley
Mary AlbrechtPleasant Valley SupervisorDutchessHudson Valley
Daniel DeganPleasant Valley Town Board MemberDutchessHudson Valley
Michelle BleeckerTown of Poughkeepsie Town Board Member Ward 1DutchessHudson Valley
Barbara LairdTown of Poughkeepsie Town Board Member Ward 2DutchessHudson Valley
Danielle DeLeonTown of Poughkeepsie Town Board Member Ward 3DutchessHudson Valley
Ryan SharpeTown of Poughkeepsie Town Board Member Ward 5DutchessHudson Valley
Rebecca EdwardsTown of Poughkeepsie Town SupervisorDutchessHudson Valley
Dino AlexanderTown of Wappinger Town Council Member Ward 1DutchessHudson Valley
Heather O’DellTown of Wappinger Town Council Member Ward 2DutchessHudson Valley
Joseph TorresTown of Wappinger Town Council Member Ward 4DutchessHudson Valley
Margaret WalkerTown of Wappinger Town JusticeDutchessHudson Valley
Robin LicariTown of Wappinger Town SupervisorDutchessHudson Valley
Tyler J. HassanChester Town Council MemberOrangeHudson Valley
Brandon D. HoldridgeChester Town SupervisorOrangeHudson Valley
Anusha MeharCity of Newburgh Council Member at LargeOrangeHudson Valley
Torrance R. HarveyCity of Newburgh MayorOrangeHudson Valley
Irwin M. GoldCornwall Town Council MemberOrangeHudson Valley
Valerie E. BestCornwall Town Council MemberOrangeHudson Valley
Joshua WojehowskiCornwall Town SupervisorOrangeHudson Valley
Maureen M. RichardsonMonroe Town Council MemberOrangeHudson Valley
Steven VinellaWalkill Town Council Member, Ward ThreeOrangeHudson Valley
Neil J. MeyerWallkill Town SupervisorOrangeHudson Valley
Elizabeth K. CassidyWarwick Town JusticeOrangeHudson Valley
Thomas J. BurkeWoodbury Town SupervisorOrangeHudson Valley
Tyler A. EtzelWoodbury Village MayorOrangeHudson Valley
James M. FreibandWoodbury Village TrusteeOrangeHudson Valley
Margaret PloenerPutnam County Legislator, District 2PutnamHudson Valley
Peter DominickClarkstown Town Council Ward 2RocklandHudson Valley
Patrick CarrollClarkstown Town Council Ward 4RocklandHudson Valley
David AscherClarkstown Town JusticeRocklandHudson Valley
Joseph RandNyack MayorRocklandHudson Valley
Taylor MandelbaumNyack Village TrusteeRocklandHudson Valley
Brian BurnsOrangetown Town CouncilRocklandHudson Valley
Patricia Brimais-TenemilleRockland County Family Court JudgeRocklandHudson Valley
Beth DavidsonRockland County Legislator District 10RocklandHudson Valley
David BruenRockland County Legislator District 11RocklandHudson Valley
Jesse MalowitzRockland County Legislator District 12RocklandHudson Valley
Dana StilleyRockland County Legislator District 17RocklandHudson Valley
Ellie KassnerStony Point Town CouncilRocklandHudson Valley
Cindy BarberBethel Town JusticeSullivanHudson Valley
Michael BensimonFallsburg Town SupervisorSullivanHudson Valley
Nadia RajszSullivan County Legislator District 2SullivanHudson Valley
Justin PicciottiSullivan County Legislator District 8SullivanHudson Valley
Andrea ShautCity of Kingston Alderperson at LargeUlsterHudson Valley
Michael TierneyCity of Kingston Alderperson, Ward 2UlsterHudson Valley
Reynolds Scott-ChildressCity of Kingston Alderperson, Ward 3UlsterHudson Valley
Rita WorthingtonCity of Kingston Alderperson, Ward 4UlsterHudson Valley
Michele HirschCity of Kingston Alderperson, Ward 9UlsterHudson Valley
Franklyn WatersCity of Kingston MayorUlsterHudson Valley
Diana ClineHurley Town CouncilmemberUlsterHudson Valley
Peter DiSclafaniShandaken Town SupervisorUlsterHudson Valley
Evelyn ClarkeTown of Esopus, Town CouncilmemberUlsterHudson Valley
Christopher FarrellTown of Esopus, Town SupervisorUlsterHudson Valley
Patricia ReedTown of Hurley, Town ClerkUlsterHudson Valley
Gregory SimpsonTown of Hurley, Town CouncilmemberUlsterHudson Valley
Roy HochbergTown of Hurley, Town JusticeUlsterHudson Valley
Lou CardinaleTown of Marbletown Highway SuperintendentUlsterHudson Valley
Maribeth Wooldridge-KingTown of Marlborough, Town CouncilmemberUlsterHudson Valley
James SofrankoTown of Olive, Town SupervisorUlsterHudson Valley
Marisa McClintonTown of Plattekill, Town CouncilmemberUlsterHudson Valley
Michael JurkovicTown of Plattekill, Town CouncilmemberUlsterHudson Valley
Emily DindialTown of Rochester, Town Council MemberUlsterHudson Valley
Erin EnouenTown of Rochester, Town Council MemberUlsterHudson Valley
Aimee RichterTown of Saugerties, Town JusticeUlsterHudson Valley
Fred Costello JrTown of Saugerties, Town SupervisorUlsterHudson Valley
Dave ChannonTown of Shandaken, Town AssessorUlsterHudson Valley
Adrienne Gelfand-PerineTown of Shawangunk, Town CouncilmemberUlsterHudson Valley
Anthony MantelloTown of Shawangunk, Town CouncilmemberUlsterHudson Valley
Rebecca MantelloTown of Shawangunk, Town JusticeUlsterHudson Valley
Adriana MagañaTown of Wawarsing Council MemberUlsterHudson Valley
Donald AllenTown of Woodstock, Highway SuperintendentUlsterHudson Valley
Linda LoverTown of Woodstock, Town CouncilmemberUlsterHudson Valley
Michael VeitchTown of Woodstock, Town CouncilmemberUlsterHudson Valley
Bennet RatcliffTown of Woodstock, Town SupervisorUlsterHudson Valley
Emmanuel NnejiUlster County District AttorneyUlsterHudson Valley
Jennifer MetzgerUlster County ExecutiveUlsterHudson Valley
Keith GurguiUlster County Legislator, District 3UlsterHudson Valley
Tamika DunkleyUlster County Legislator, District 4UlsterHudson Valley
Abraham UchitelleUlster County Legislator, District 5UlsterHudson Valley
Gregory McColloughUlster County Legislator, District 6UlsterHudson Valley
Peter CriswellUlster County Legislator, District 7UlsterHudson Valley
Joseph DonaldsonUlster County Legislator, District 8UlsterHudson Valley
Robert HaskinsUlster County Legislator, District 9UlsterHudson Valley
Kelli Palinkas GreerUlster County Legislator, District 14UlsterHudson Valley
Debra ClintonUlster County Legislator, District 16UlsterHudson Valley
Megan SperryUlster County Legislator, District 17UlsterHudson Valley
Manna Jo GreeneUlster County Legislator, District 19UlsterHudson Valley
Limina Grace HarmonUlster County Legislator, District 20UlsterHudson Valley
Christopher HewittUlster County Legislator, District 21UlsterHudson Valley
Kathleen NolanUlster County Legislator, District 22UlsterHudson Valley
Timothy RogersVillage of New Paltz MayorUlsterHudson Valley
Alexandria WojcikVillage of New Paltz, Village TrusteeUlsterHudson Valley
Joyce WhiteCortlandt Town Council MemberWestchesterHudson Valley
Robert MayesCortlandt Town Council MemberWestchesterHudson Valley
Maritza Fugaro-NortonCortlandt Town JusticeWestchesterHudson Valley
Richard BeckerCortlandt Town SupervisorWestchesterHudson Valley
Judith BevilleGreenburgh Town ClerkWestchesterHudson Valley
Gina JacksonGreenburgh Town Council MemberWestchesterHudson Valley
Jonathan CampozanoGreenburgh Town Council MemberWestchesterHudson Valley
Daniel WelshLewisboro Town Council MemberWestchesterHudson Valley
Antonio GoncalvesLewisboro Town SupervisorWestchesterHudson Valley
Thomas MurphyMamaroneck Village MayorWestchesterHudson Valley
Mallory ChinnMamaroneck Village TrusteeWestchesterHudson Valley
Derrick ThompsonMount Vernon City Council MemberWestchesterHudson Valley
Jaevon BoxhillMount Vernon City Council MemberWestchesterHudson Valley
Shawyn HowardMount Vernon MayorWestchesterHudson Valley
Martha LopezNew Rochelle City Council Member District 1WestchesterHudson Valley
Kwamain DixonNew Rochelle City Council Member District 3WestchesterHudson Valley
Shane OsinloyeNew Rochelle City Council Member District 4WestchesterHudson Valley
Yadira Ramos-HerbertNew Rochelle MayorWestchesterHudson Valley
Elizabeth FeldmanOssining Town SupervisorWestchesterHudson Valley
Brian PughVillage of Croton-on-Hudson MayorWestchesterHudson Valley
Cara PolitiVillage of Croton-on-Hudson TrusteeWestchesterHudson Valley
Nora NicholsonVillage of Croton-on-Hudson TrusteeWestchesterHudson Valley
Ann BianchiWestchester County Court JudgeWestchesterHudson Valley
Colin SmithWestchester County Legislator District 1WestchesterHudson Valley
Erika PierceWestchester County Legislator District 2WestchesterHudson Valley
Benjamin Boykin IIWestchester County Legislator District 5WestchesterHudson Valley
Nancy BarrWestchester County Legislator District 6WestchesterHudson Valley
Catherine ParkerWestchester County Legislator District 7WestchesterHudson Valley
Jewel Williams JohnsonWestchester County Legislator District 8WestchesterHudson Valley
Emiljana UlajWestchester County Legislator District 9WestchesterHudson Valley
David ImamuraWestchester County Legislator District 12WestchesterHudson Valley
David TubioloWestchester County Legislator District 14WestchesterHudson Valley
Ruth WalterWestchester County Legislator District 15WestchesterHudson Valley
Christopher JohnsonWestchester County Legislator District 16WestchesterHudson Valley
Jose AlvaradoWestchester County Legislator District 17WestchesterHudson Valley
Jennifer PujaWhite Plains City Council MemberWestchesterHudson Valley
Jeremiah Frei-PearsonWhite Plains City Council MemberWestchesterHudson Valley
Victoria PresserWhite Plains City Council MemberWestchesterHudson Valley
Shatika ParkerYonkers City Council Member District 1WestchesterHudson Valley
Hector SantiagoYonkers City Council Member District 3WestchesterHudson Valley
Corazon PinedaYonkers MayorWestchesterHudson Valley
Diana QuastYorktown Town ClerkWestchesterHudson Valley
Marsha SilvermanCouncilmember – City of Glen Cove, Nassau CountyNassauLong Island
Karen McInnisCouncilmember – City of Long Beach, Nassau CountyNassauLong Island
Tina PosterliCouncilmember – City of Long Beach, Nassau CountyNassauLong Island
Siela BynoeCounty Legislator – 2nd District, Nassau CountyNassauLong Island
Carrie SolagesCounty Legislator – 3rd District, Nassau CountyNassauLong Island
Michael ClapsCounty Legislator – 4th District, Nassau CountyNassauLong Island
Debra MuleCounty Legislator – 6th District, Nassau CountyNassauLong Island
Arnold DruckerCounty Legislator – 16th District, Nassau CountyNassauLong Island
Cristina Arroy- RodriguezMayor – Village of Valley Stream, Nassau CountyNassauLong Island
Olena NicksSupervisor – Town of Hempstead, Nassau CountyNassauLong Island
William J FlinterAssessor, Town of SoutholdSuffolkLong Island
Christine PellegrinoCouncilmember, 3rd Council District, Town of IslipSuffolkLong Island
Jonathan KornreichCouncilmember, 1st Council District, Town of BrookhavenSuffolkLong Island
Cameron J TrentCouncilmember, 4th Council District, Town of BrookhavenSuffolkLong Island
Kerry S SpoonerCouncilmember, 6th Council District, Town of BrookhavenSuffolkLong Island
Thomas E Murray IIICouncilmember, 4th Council District, Town of IslipSuffolkLong Island
David B LysCouncilmember, Town of East HamptonSuffolkLong Island
Thomas C E FlightCouncilmember, Town of East HamptonSuffolkLong Island
Donald B MckayCouncilmember, Town of HuntingtonSuffolkLong Island
Jennifer A HebertCouncilmember, Town of HuntingtonSuffolkLong Island
Maria C ScheuringCouncilmember, Town of SmithtownSuffolkLong Island
Sarah E TullyCouncilmember, Town of SmithtownSuffolkLong Island
Michael A IasilliCouncilmember, Town of SouthamptonSuffolkLong Island
Anne Hession-SmithCouncilmember, Town of SoutholdSuffolkLong Island
Gwynn D SchroederCouncilmember, Town of SoutholdSuffolkLong Island
Jillian A GuthmanReceiver of Taxes, Town of HuntingtonSuffolkLong Island
Amy L FortunatoReceiver of Taxes, Town of SmithtownSuffolkLong Island
David L CaloneSuffolk County ExecutiveSuffolkLong Island
Ann E WelkerSuffolk County Legislator, 2nd Legislative DistrictSuffolkLong Island
Catherine A KentSuffolk County Legislator, 1st Legislative DistrictSuffolkLong Island
Steven C EnglebrightSuffolk County Legislator, 5th Legislative DistrictSuffolkLong Island
Dorothy CavalierSuffolk County Legislator, 6th Legislative DistrictSuffolkLong Island
Ryan P McGarrySuffolk County Legislator, 7th Legislative DistrictSuffolkLong Island
Samuel J GonzlaezSuffolk County Legislator, 9th Legislative DistrictSuffolkLong Island
Derek P SteinSuffolk County Legislator, 10th Legislative DistrictSuffolkLong Island
Jason A RichbergSuffolk County Legislator, 15th Legislative DistrictSuffolkLong Island
Sidney B JoynerSuffolk County Legislator, 16th Legislative DistrictSuffolkLong Island
Eve A Meltzer-KriefSuffolk County Legislator, 18th Legislative DistrictSuffolkLong Island
Margot J GarantSupervisor, Town of BrookhavenSuffolkLong Island
Kathee Burke GonzalezSupervisor, Town of East HamptonSuffolkLong Island
Kenneth ColonSupervisor, Town of IslipSuffolkLong Island
Maria Z MooreSupervisor, Town of SouthamptonSuffolkLong Island
Linda J Davis-ValdezTown Clerk, Town of HuntingtonSuffolkLong Island
Josephine P MakowskiTown Clerk, Town of RiverheadSuffolkLong Island
William G HolstTown Clerk, Town of Smithtown (Unexpired Term)SuffolkLong Island
David L FilerTown Justice, Town of East HamptonSuffolkLong Island
John A OrtizTown Justice, Town of SouthamptonSuffolkLong Island
Daniel C RossTown Justice, Town of SoutholdSuffolkLong Island
Benjamin P DollingerTrustee, Town of East HamptonSuffolkLong Island
Celia M JosephsonTrustee, Town of East HamptonSuffolkLong Island
David J CatalettoTrustee, Town of East HamptonSuffolkLong Island
Patrice A DaltonTrustee, Town of East HamptonSuffolkLong Island
William F TaylorTrustee, Town of East HamptonSuffolkLong Island
Joseph R McLoughlinTrustee, Town of SouthamptonSuffolkLong Island
Margaret F FriedlanderTrustee, Town of SouthamptonSuffolkLong Island
Pierina SanchezMember of the New York City Council from the 14th Council District, Bronx CountyBronxNYC
Althea V. StevensMember of the New York City Council from the 16th Council District, Bronx CountyBronxNYC
Amanda FariasMember of the New York City Council from the 18th Council District, Bronx CountyBronxNYC
Marva C. BrownKings Civil Court JudgeKingsNYC
Lincoln RestlerMember of the New York City Council from the 33rd Council District, Kings CountyKingsNYC
Jennifer GutiérrezMember of the New York City Council from the 34th Council District, Kings CountyKingsNYC
Crystal HudsonMember of the New York City Council from the 35th Council District, Kings CountyKingsNYC
Chi OsseMember of the New York City Council from the 36th Council District, Kings CountyKingsNYC
Sandy NurseMember of the New York City Council from the 37th Council District, Kings CountyKingsNYC
Alexa AvilésMember of the New York City Council from the 38th Council District, Kings CountyKingsNYC
Shahana HanifMember of the New York City Council from the 39th Council District, Kings CountyKingsNYC
Rita JosephMember of the New York City Council from the 40th Council District, Kings CountyKingsNYC
Isis McIntosh GreenMember of the New York City Council from the 41st Council District, Kings CountyKingsNYC
Carlina RiveraMember of the New York City Council from the 2nd Council District, New York CountyNew YorkNYC
Carmen N. De La RosaMember of the New York City Council from the 10th Council District, New York CountyNew YorkNYC
Tiffany CabanMember of the New York City Council from the 22nd Council District, Queens CountyQueensNYC
Shekar KrishnanMember of the New York City Council from the 25th Council District, Queens CountyQueensNYC
Julie WonMember of the New York City Council from the 26th Council District, Queens CountyQueensNYC
John Harrington JrGreat Valley Town Highway SuperintendentCattaraugusWNY
Sonya McCallOlean City Alderperson, Ward 4CattaraugusWNY
Vernon Robinson JrOlean City Alderperson, Ward 6CattaraugusWNY
David AnastasiaOlean City Alderperson, Ward 7CattaraugusWNY
Marcus BuchananChautauqua County Legislator District 1ChautauquaWNY
Robert BankoskiChautauqua County Legislator District 2ChautauquaWNY
Susan ParkerChautauqua County Legislator District 4ChautauquaWNY
Julie Jackson-ForsbergChautauqua County Legislator District 10ChautauquaWNY
Robert Whitney JrChautauqua County Legislator District 11ChautauquaWNY
Frederick LarsonChautauqua County Legislator District 12ChautauquaWNY
Thomas NelsonChautauqua County Legislator District 13ChautauquaWNY
Kurt GustafsonChautauqua County Legislator District 15ChautauquaWNY
Nick WeiserDunkirk City Councilmember At LargeChautauquaWNY
Natalie LuczkowiakDunkirk City Councilmember, Ward 1ChautauquaWNY
Martin BamontoDunkirk City Councilmember, Ward 2ChautauquaWNY
Kathie WdowiaszDunkirk City MayorChautauquaWNY
Kate ContiEllington Town ClerkChautauquaWNY
Karen BifaroEllington Town SupervisorChautauquaWNY
James JaroszynskiFalconer Village MayorChautauquaWNY
Benjamin BrauchlerFredonia Village TrusteeChautauquaWNY
Kevin O’ConnellHanover Town CouncilmemberChautauquaWNY
Alyssa PorterJamestown City Councilmember At LargeChautauquaWNY
Isaiah RashadJamestown City Councilmember At LargeChautauquaWNY
Travis KnightJamestown City Councilmember, Ward 1ChautauquaWNY
Regina BrackmanJamestown City Councilmember, Ward 3ChautauquaWNY
Marie CarrubbaJamestown City Councilmember, Ward 4ChautauquaWNY
Kaycee ColburnJamestown City Councilmember, Ward 5ChautauquaWNY
Vanessa WeinertJamestown City Councilmember, Ward 6ChautauquaWNY
Edward SundquistJamestown City MayorChautauquaWNY
Adam RakPomfret Town CouncilmemberChautauquaWNY
Ann EckmanPomfret Town CouncilmemberChautauquaWNY
Ryleigh EnterlineRipley Town ClerkChautauquaWNY
Laura PlessRipley Town SupervisorChautauquaWNY
Susan BiglerSheridan Town CouncilmemberChautauquaWNY
Richard RichChemung County Court JudgeChemungWNY
Barbara Miller-WilliamsBuffalo City ComptrollerErieWNY
Matthew Tucker Hambleton DearingBuffalo City Council Ellicott DistrictErieWNY
India WaltonBuffalo City Council Masten DistrictErieWNY
David RiveraBuffalo City Council Niagara DistrictErieWNY
Eve ShippensBuffalo City Council North DistrictErieWNY
Kathryn FrancoBuffalo City Council University DistrictErieWNY
Tiffany PerryBuffalo City Court JudgeErieWNY
Mary Ann CancillaCity of Tonawanda City Council PresidentErieWNY
David MilehamCity of Tonawanda Councilmember – Fourth WardErieWNY
Dawn KammerdeinerCity of Tonawanda Councilmember – Second WardErieWNY
Sean RautenstrauchCity of Tonawanda Councilmember – Third WardErieWNY
Mark PoloncarzErie County ExecutiveErieWNY
Mary CarneyErie County Family CourtErieWNY
Shannon FilbertErie County Family CourtErieWNY
April McCants-BaskinErie County Legislator – 2nd DistrictErieWNY
Michael KooshoianErie County Legislator – 3rd DistrictErieWNY
Howard JohnsonErie County Legislator – 1st DistrictErieWNY
John BargnesiErie County Legislator – 4th DistrictErieWNY
Jeanne VinalErie County Legislator – 5th DistrictErieWNY
Tim MeyersErie County Legislator – 7th DistrictErieWNY
John GilmourErie County Legislator – 9th DistrictErieWNY
Angela MarinucciTown of Amherst CouncilmanErieWNY
Michael SzukalaTown of Amherst CouncilmanErieWNY
Steven FlossTown of Amherst Highway SuperintendentErieWNY
Ann NicholsTown of Amherst Town JusticeErieWNY
Luke WochenskyTown of Aurora CouncilmanErieWNY
Raymond WrazenTown of Aurora CouncilmanErieWNY
Margaret PanteraTown of Brant CouncilmanErieWNY
Lynda OstrowskiTown of Brant Town ClerkErieWNY
Brian NowakTown of Cheektowaga SupervisorErieWNY
John WilsonTown of Evans CouncilmanErieWNY
Laurie ReitzTown of Evans CouncilmanErieWNY
Raymond AshtonTown of Evans SupervisorErieWNY
Kristen ObarkaTown of Grand Island CouncilmanErieWNY
Wayne WestTown of Grand Island CouncilmanErieWNY
Karen HoakTown of Hamburg Town Board MemberErieWNY
Shawn ConnollyTown of Hamburg Town Board MemberErieWNY
Catherine RybczynskiTown of Hamburg Town ClerkErieWNY
Annette IafalloTown of Lackawanna MayorErieWNY
Carl SzarekTown of Tonawanda CouncilmanErieWNY
Marguerite GrecoTown of Tonawanda Town ClerkErieWNY
Kimberly ConidiTown of West Seneca CouncilmanErieWNY
Tina HawthorneTown of West Seneca JusticeErieWNY
Margaret MartinTown of West Seneca Town ClerkErieWNY
Christopher RusinTown of West Seneca Town SupervisorErieWNY
Jesus H SowellBrighton Member of Town CouncilMonroeWNY
Rachel S RosnerBrighton Member of Town CouncilMonroeWNY
Daniel E AmanBrighton Town ClerkMonroeWNY
Mercedes Vazquez – SimmonsCounty Legislator – 22nd DistrictMonroeWNY
Marvin L StephersonCounty Legislator – 3rd DistrictMonroeWNY
Linda M HasmanCounty Legislator – 23rd DistrictMonroeWNY
Oscar L Brewer JrCounty Legislator – 21st DistrictMonroeWNY
Terry H DanieleCounty Legislator – 5th DistrictMonroeWNY
Michael D DiTullioCounty Legislator – 8th DistrictMonroeWNY
Michael B YudelsonCounty Legislator – 13th DistrictMonroeWNY
Susan K Hughes-SmithCounty Legislator – 14th DistrictMonroeWNY
David G LongCounty Legislator – 16th DistrictMonroeWNY
Rachel A BarnhartCounty Legislator – 17th DistrictMonroeWNY
Lystra E McCoyCounty Legislator – 18th DistrictMonroeWNY
Albert A BlankleyCounty Legislator – 24th DistrictMonroeWNY
Carolyn J DelvecchioCounty Legislator – 25th DistrictMonroeWNY
Yversha M RomanCounty Legislator – 26th DistrictMonroeWNY
Rose E BonnickCounty Legislator – 27th DistrictMonroeWNY
Ricky G FrazierCounty Legislator – 28th DistrictMonroeWNY
William T BurgessCounty Legislator – 29th DistrictMonroeWNY
Chad M WoodworthEast Rochester Village TrusteeMonroeWNY
Michael J StaffordHenrietta Member of Town CouncilMonroeWNY
Robert Barley JrHenrietta Member of Town CouncilMonroeWNY
Robert L CookHenrietta Town JusticeMonroeWNY
Susan J MichelHenrietta Town JusticeMonroeWNY
Stephen L SchultzHenrietta Town SupervisorMonroeWNY
Andrae J EvansIrondequoit SupervisorMonroeWNY
Brian P GreenIrondequoit Town JusticeMonroeWNY
Adam J BelloMonroe County ExecutiveMonroeWNY
Maria J Cubillos-ReedMonroe County Family Court JudgeMonroeWNY
Maroun G AjakaMonroe County Family Court JudgeMonroeWNY
Gary MuldoonPerinton Town JusticeMonroeWNY
Cathleen A KoshykarPittsford Member of Town CouncilMonroeWNY
Naveen HavannavarPittsford Member of Town CouncilMonroeWNY
Campbell P RothRochester City Court JudgeMonroeWNY
John E ElliottRochester City Court JudgeMonroeWNY
Amy K MaloyRochester Commissioner of SchoolsMonroeWNY
Beatriz B LeBronRochester Commissioner of SchoolsMonroeWNY
Isaiah A SantiagoRochester Commissioner of SchoolsMonroeWNY
Ricardo AdamsRochester Commissioner of SchoolsMonroeWNY
Maryagnes LupienRochester Member of City Council – EastMonroeWNY
Chiara T SmithRochester Member of City Council – NEMonroeWNY
Danielle M Palermo-JimenezWebster Member of Town CouncilMonroeWNY
Lisa Swanson-GellersonLockport Alderperson, At LargeNiagaraWNY
Anita MullaneLockport Alderperson, Ward 2NiagaraWNY
Tara ClaytonLockport Alderperson, Ward 3NiagaraWNY
Kyle LambalzerLockport Alderperson, Ward 4NiagaraWNY
Margaret LupoLockport Alderperson, Ward 5NiagaraWNY
Michelle RomanLockport MayorNiagaraWNY
Noelle CitarellaNiagara County Legislator, District 3NiagaraWNY
Jeffrey ElderNiagara County Legislator, District 4NiagaraWNY
Christopher RobinsNiagara County Legislator, District 5NiagaraWNY
Gaelan BaillieNiagara County Legislator, District 6NiagaraWNY
Carla SperanzaNiagara County Legislator, District 12NiagaraWNY
Bernadette SmithNiagara County Legislator, District 13NiagaraWNY
Brian ArchieNiagara Falls City CouncilmanNiagaraWNY
James AbbondanzaNiagara Falls City CouncilmanNiagaraWNY
Irena WoszczakNorth Tonawanda Alderperson at LargeNiagaraWNY
Sarah WaechterTown of Lewiston CouncilpersonNiagaraWNY
Johnny ParksTown of Niagara CouncilmanNiagaraWNY
Richard SirianniTown of Niagara Highway SuperintendentNiagaraWNY
David ShieldsFarmington Town Council MemberOntarioWNY