PA WFP Candidates Break 2019 Fundraising Records

 Over 70 percent of donations came from small donors giving $250 or less.

PHILADELPHIA (September 26, 2023) — Councilmember Kendra Brooks and Nicolas O’Rourke announced historic fundraising hauls for independent candidates in Philadelphia. As of the September 18th filing deadline, both Working Families Party candidates surpassed their previous 2019 records. The candidates filed with over $440,000 cash on hand ensuring they will have ample resources heading into the final weeks of the campaign. 

  • Since 2022, Councilmember Kendra Brooks has raised $406,110. Councilmember Brooks filed with $232,124 cash on hand. In total, 77 percent of her donors are based in Philadelphia and 70 percent of her donors have given under $250 or below. Since her 2019 election, she has raised $522,336.
  • Since 2022, Nicolas O’Rourke has raised $322,065.55. O’Rourke filed with $213,476 cash on hand. In total, 63 percent of his donors are based in Philadelphia and 77 percent of his donors have given $250 or below. 

These numbers represent a significant grassroots effort funding both campaigns. Councilmember Brooks and O’Rourke have released the following statements:

“My campaign is blessed to have received the support of so many across Philadelphia,” said Nicolas O’Rourke. “The ongoing investment from small donors will allow us to continue to tap into this fundraising base all the way through the election. The grassroots support we have seen reflects what we are hearing out in the community on our campaign everyday. The people of Philadelphia do not want Republican representation in their City Council. I look forward to continuing to grow our coalition of support and ensuring every voter hears our message ahead of election day.”

“Our opponents may have the support of Republican mega donors who do not live in Philadelphia, but we’ve got the people on our side,” said Councilmember Kendra Brooks. “In 2019, my campaign broke records raising money from small-dollar donors who lifted me to victory. I’m proud to say that not only have Nicolas and myself surpassed our 2019 records, but have built an even bigger grassroots army ready to win our elections.”

Philadelphia Inquirer, October 9, 2019: “She’s also raised a record amount of money for a third-party candidate. By mid-September, Brooks had raised $147,000, and her Working Families Party running mate, Nicolas O’Rourke, had brought in $87,000…Beyond the topline figures, Brooks’ fund-raising is qualitatively different than that of most candidates. Nearly two out of three donors gave her campaign less than $50, and such small-dollar donations make up a larger share of her money.”