WFP: “There is no military solution to this conflict, and there never has been”

WASHINGTON, DC (Oct. 20, 2023) — In response to President Biden’s Oval Office address, Working Families Party Federal Affairs Director Natalia Salgado issued the following statement: 

“The bloodshed in Palestine and Israel is mounting, with more than 4,000 dead in Palestine and 1,400 in Israel, and hundreds still held hostage. In the U.S., hate crimes and threats against Muslim and Jewish people and institutions have increased.

The role of the United States should be to use diplomacy to work toward peace, not fanning the flames of violence. Immediately, that means pushing for an immediate ceasefire and working to free the hostages.  

But even as Israeli government spokespeople declare their intentions to disregard the laws of war in a ground invasion, President Biden has proposed unprecedented military aid to help them do it. In addition to leading to many more civilian deaths, an escalated conflict may further inflame violence in the region. 

Thousands of American Jews demonstrated at the U.S. Capitol to call for a cease-fire this week. They’re among the growing number of Jews, Muslims, and people of all faiths standing together against further bloodshed. Meanwhile, U.S. State Department officials have quit in protest against arms deliveries to allies. A new CBS poll last night found that most Americans oppose sending military aid to Israel, even as a majority sympathize with the Israeli people in the wake of Hamas’ attack on civilians.  

We join with members of Congress who have called for a cease-fire. We encourage more to speak up. And we call on members of Congress to oppose unconditional military aid. 

Americans have learned the lessons of 9/11. Cynical political leaders leveraged the collective grief of our nation to launch wars that left many innocent people dead and gave rise to even more extremism and violence. More than twenty years later, can we say the region or America is any safer because of it?

There is no military solution to this conflict, and there never has been. Stop the fighting. Release the hostages. End the siege and the Occupation.”