2023 New York General Election Recap

In a local election year, with many smaller offices up for grabs, engaging voters can prove a challenge. Many candidates are running for the very first time. Some are balancing their jobs and caretaking responsibilities while running for office. All told, we endorsed over 500 candidates across New York State. We’re incredibly proud of each and every candidate who ran, as well as our staff, members, and volunteers who worked tirelessly to get these campaigns off the ground.

We also would be remiss to not lift up the power of our ballot line. In key New York City races, many of our legislative champions received well over 20% of their votes on the Working Families Party line. We saw similarly strong vote shares in parts of the Hudson Valley, Capital District, and Western and Central New York. This speaks to the strength and reach of our party, and the fact that more and more New Yorkers are using their votes to demand a government that prioritizes the interests of working families, not the wealthy few.

Here are some highlights from last night’s results:

✓ Manny Nneji (Ulster County District Attorney), Anthony Parisi (Dutchess County District Attorney)

The WFP ballot line is holding as the margin of difference in two fiercely contested District Attorney elections in the Hudson Valley. Nneji, who previously served in the Attorney General’s office prosecuting white-collar crimes, won his election by only 195 votes. Our staff and newly-formed Ulster-Dutchess Chapter knocked doors, made calls and texts, and mobilized volunteers in support of Manny. Anthony Parisi’s win in Dutchess County marks the first time a Democrat has won the District Attorney’s seat in decades.

✓ Yadira Ramos-Herbert (New Rochelle Mayor)

Yadira Ramos-Herbert became the first woman of color to be elected Mayor of New Rochelle — and the first new mayor in nearly two decades. Our members can’t wait to work with Yadira to create more affordable housing, strengthen investments in schools and libraries, and expand opportunities for New Rochelle’s young people.

✓ Maurice Brown (Onondaga County Legislature District 15)

A special congratulations to one of NYWFPs very own, Maurice Brown. After serving his country, Mo co-founded Uplift Syracuse, an organization dedicated to electing progressives locally. He joined the WFP family in 2018, taking the lead in organizing for public campaign financing in New York State. We look forward to our continued partnership with Mo.

Rob Cantelmo (Ithaca Mayor), Kayla Matos (Ithaca Common Council Ward 1)

Rob Cantelmo, who has been a progressive leader on Ithaca Common Council and long-time ally of the NYWFP, was elected Mayor of Ithaca. Our Tompkins County Chapter is also celebrating the victory of Kayla Matos, the director of a beloved community center, who defeated a long-time incumbent on a platform of fighting displacement through stronger tenant protections.

✓ Rivera, De La Rosa, Sanchez, Stevens, Farías, Cabán, Krishnan, Won, Restler, Gutiérrez, Hudson, Ossé, Nurse, Avilés, Hanif, Joseph (New York City Council)

Last night we helped return sixteen WFP champions to New York City Council. With New Yorkers facing an unprecedented affordability crisis, made worse by Mayor Adams’s cuts to city services, the City Council will play an important role in protecting vital services, connecting asylum seekers with stable work and housing, and standing up to the Mayor’s cruel austerity agenda.

✓ Ballot Propositions 1 & 2

The two ballot propositions — which the NYWFP supported — passed in a landslide. Prop 1 will improve funding for school districts in smaller cities and Prop 2 will allow communities to more easily upgrade their sewer infrastructure.

We thank you for all your support and dedication to helping to grow the party and build a New York that works for all of us.