New York Working Families Party Endorses 100+ Candidates for New York State Senate and State Assembly

NEW YORK, NY — The New York Working Families Party today announced their endorsements of 100+ state legislators from across New York State. 

“We’re proud to endorse over 100 candidates for the New York State Senate and Assembly. Our party went through a multi-step endorsement process that engaged hundreds of members, community organizations, and unions across the state,” said Jasmine Gripper and Ana María Archila, Co-Directors of the Working Families Party. “With more New Yorkers than ever struggling with the high cost of living, we need elected leaders who will fight to level the playing field for working people and make New York a place where people can actually afford to live and raise a family. We’re excited to work with our endorsed candidates over the coming months to put forward a positive vision of how New York can better meet the needs and aspirations of working families.”

*This does not represent the entirety of our endorsements this cycle, and additional endorsements may follow.

New York State Assembly

Thomas Schiavoni (AD-1)

Skyler Johnson (AD-4)

Phil Ramos (AD-6)

Steven Basileo (AD-8)

Gina Sillitti (AD-16)

Michaelle Solages (AD-22)

Andrew Hevesi (AD-28)

Steven Raga (AD-30)

Khaleel Anderson (AD-31)

Jessica González-Rojas (AD-34)

Larinda Hooks (AD-35)

Zohran Mamdani (AD-36)

Claire Valdez (AD-37)

Ron Kim (AD-40)

Brian Cunningham (AD-43)

Bobby Carroll (AD-44)

Emily Gallagher (AD-50)

Marcela Mitaynes (AD-51)

Jo Anne Simon (AD-52)

Latrice Walker (AD-55)

Phara Souffrant Forrest (AD-57)

Monique Chandler-Waterman (AD-58)

Grace Lee (AD-65)

Eddie Gibbs (AD-68)

Eli Northrup (AD-69)

Manny De Los Santos (AD-72)

Alex Bores (AD-73)

Harvey Epstein (AD-74)

Tony Simone (AD-75)

Rebecca Seawright (AD-76)

Jonathan Soto (AD-82)

Amanda Septimo (AD-84)

Yudelka Tapia (AD-86)

Karines Reyes (AD-87)

Amy Paulin (AD-88)

Nader Sayegh (AD-90)

Steve Otis (AD-91)

MaryJane Shimsky (AD-92)

Chris Burdick (AD-93)

Dana Levenberg (AD-95)

Patrick Carroll (AD-96)

Chris Eachus (AD-99)

Mary Finneran (AD-102)

Sarahana Shrestha (AD-103)

Jonathan Jacobson (AD-104)

Claire Cousin (AD-106)

Chloe Pierce (AD-107)

Gabriella Romero (AD-109)

Phil Steck (AD-110)

Joe Seeman (AD-112)

Adrienne Martini (AD-122)

Donna Lupardo (AD-123)

Anna Kelles (AD-125)

Ian Phillips (AD-126)

Albert A. Stirpe Jr. (AD-127)

Pamela Hunter (AD-128)

James Schuler (AD-130)

Colleen Walsh-Williams (AD-133)

Jen Lunsford (AD-135)

Sarah Clark (AD-136)

Demond Meeks (AD-137)

Harry Bronson (AD-138)

Bill Conrad (AD-140)

Monica P. Wallace (AD-143)

Michelle Roman (AD-144)

Jeffrey Elder (AD-145)

Jonathan Rivera (AD-149)

Michael Bobseine (AD-150)

New York State Senate

Craig Herskowitz (SD-2)

Brad Schwartz (SD-7)

James Sanders Jr. (SD-10)

Toby Ann Stavisky (SD-11)

Michael Gianaris (SD-12)

Jessica Ramos (SD-13)

John Liu (SD-16)

Iwen Chu (SD-17)

Julia Salazar (SD-18)

Zellnor Myrie (SD-20)

Jabari Brisport (SD-25)

Andrew Gounardes (SD-26)

Brian Kavanagh (SD-27)

José M. Serrano (SD-29)

Cordell Cleare (SD-30)

Robert Jackson (SD-31)

Gustavo Rivera (SD-33)

Andrea Stewart-Cousins (SD-35)

Shelley Mayer (SD-37)

Elijah Reichlin-Melnick (SD-38)

Yvette Valdes Smith (SD-39)

Peter Harckham (SD-40)

Michelle Hinchey (SD-41)

James Skoufis (SD-42)

Minita Sanghvi (SD-44)

Brad Hoylman-Sigal (SD-47)

Rachel May (SD-48)

Christopher Ryan (SD-50)

Lea Webb (SD-52)

James Meyers (SD-53)

Scott Comegys (SD-54)

Samra Brouk (SD-55)

Jeremy Cooney (SD-56)

Kristen Gonzalez (SD-59)

Sean Ryan (SD-61)

April McCants-Baskin (SD-63)