CT Working Families Party endorses seven candidates for General Assembly

Seven endorsed

The Connecticut Working Families Party announced its first seven candidate endorsements for General Assembly ahead of the August primaries.

  • Tyler Mack, candidate for State Senate, 22nd District, Bridgeport and Trumbull. A former Bridgeport City Council member, Tyler has consistently demonstrated his unwavering dedication to community service and progressive reform in local governance.
  • State Representative Brandon Chafee, 33rd District, Middletown. In office since 2021, he has been a vocal advocate for modernizing infrastructure and promoting sustainable environmental practices.
  • State Representative Josh Elliott, 88th District, Hamden, a strong advocate for progressive economic reform.
  • Laurie Sweet, candidate for the State Representative, 91st District, Hamden.  She is currently serving on the Hamden Legislative Council, where she is recognized for her advocacy on environmental justice and tenant rights.
  • Absul Osmanu, candidate for State Representative, 94th District, New Haven and Hamden.  Also a council member, Osmanu is noted for his commitment to social and economic justice and his efforts as an organizer in his community. 
  • State Representative Bob Godfrey, 110th District, Danbury. Rep. Godfrey’s service has focused on fair wages, public education, and affordable healthcare.
  • State Representative David Michel, 146th District, Stamford, a steadfast progressive who has consistently championed and fought for policies that benefit working families across the state. 

“These candidates exemplify the progressive leadership our state needs,” said Sarah Ganong, CTWFP State Director. “They have fought for stronger housing ordinances and environmental protections, championed community improvements and tenant rights, advocated for working families across the state, and led the debate on progressive tax reform. WFP has already been out knocking doors in Hamden, Stamford, Danbury, and across the state in their support. We’re excited to continue building a strong progressive majority in Hartford and elect leaders that can bring forward true progressive change at the Capitol.”