Statement in Response to President Biden’s Address on Gaza

In response to President Biden’s address on the war in Gaza, Working Families Party National Director Maurice Mitchell said: 

“The roadmap laid out by President Biden would secure an immediate ceasefire, humanitarian support for the people of Gaza, and the release of captives. It’s a clear, achievable path towards lasting peace in the region. We support this framework, and we call on all parties to as well. 

“For months, millions of voices from across the globe have called for a ceasefire, from campus quads to the halls of Congress and the United Nations. That ‌peace is now within sight is a testament to the global movement against war, and for the rights of Palestinians and the dignity and freedom of all people. 

“But a roadmap is not an agreement. President Biden must seal this deal using all his available leverage and every possible tool at his disposal, including halting the shipment of additional offensive weapons to the Israeli military. More than 1,200 Israelis and 35,000 Palestinians have lost their lives in this terrible war, and millions more in Gaza are enduring displacement and famine. If the Israeli government continues its invasion of Rafah, the last refuge of Palestinians fleeing for their lives, the death toll will rise catastrophically. 

“Our government can help to forge a lasting peace, but only if it shows unwavering resolve. The lives of the hostages and millions of Palestinians depend on it.”