Ceasefire Tracker

As of May 8th, 2024, at least 94 members of Congress have called for a ceasefire or cessation of hostilities in Israel and occupied Palestine:

Rep. Alma AdamsDNC-12Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Jamaal BowmanDNY-16Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Cori BushDMO-01Sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. André CarsonDIN-07Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Greg CasarDTX-35Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Maxwell Alejandro FrostDFL-10Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Jesús “Chuy” GarcíaDIL-04Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Jonathan JacksonDIL-01Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Pramila JayapalDWA-07Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Barbara LeeDCA-12Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Summer LeeDPA-12Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-CortezDNY-14Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Ilhan OmarDMN-05Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Ayanna PressleyDMA-07Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Delia RamirezDIL-03Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Rashida TlaibDMI-12Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Nydia VelázquezDNY-07Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Bonnie Watson ColemanDNJ-12Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Henry “Hank” JohnsonDGA-04Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Mark PocanDWI-02Statement
Rep. Joaquin CastroDTX-20Statement
Rep. Veronica EscobarDTX-16Statement
Rep. Betty McCollumDMN-04Statement
Rep. James McGovernDMA-02Statement
Rep. Maxine WatersDCA-43Statement
Rep. Kweisi MfumeDMD-07Statement
Rep. Al GreenDTX-09Statement
Rep. Donald BeyerDVA-08Statement
Rep. Mary Gay ScanlonDPA-05Letter
Rep. Raúl GrijalvaDAZ-07Letter
Rep. Becca BalintDVT-ALStatement
Rep. Gabe VasquezDNM-02Statement
Rep. Mark DeSaulnierDCA-10Statement
Rep. John GaramendiDCA-08Statement
Rep. Robert GarciaDCA-42Statement
Rep. Jamie RaskinDMD-08Statement
Rep. Dean PhillipsDMN-03Statement
Rep. Sara JacobsDCA-51Statement
Rep. Emanuel CleaverDMO-05Statement
Rep. Ro KhannaDCA-17Statement
Rep. Troy CarterDLA-02Statement
Rep. Lloyd DoggettDTX-37Statement
Rep. Jan SchakowskyDIL-09Statement
Rep. Debbie DingellDMI-06Statement
Rep. Lauren UnderwoodDIL-14Statement
Rep. Daniel KildeeDMI-08Statement
Rep. Tony CárdenasDCA-29Statement
Rep. Bennie ThompsonDMS-02Letter
Rep. Nikema WilliamsDGA-05Letter
Rep. Valerie FousheeDNC-04Letter
Rep. Sanford Bishop, Jr.DGA-02Letter
Rep. Donald Payne, Jr.DNJ-10Letter
Rep. Terri SewellDAL-07Letter
Rep. Jennifer WextonDVA-10Statement
Rep. Diana DeGetteDCO-01Statement
Rep. Mark TakanoDCA-39Statement
Rep. Morgan McGarveyDKY-03Statement
Rep. Chellie PingreeDME-01Statement
Rep. Melanie StansburyDNM-01Statement
Rep. Stephen LynchDMA-08Letter
Rep. Zoe LofgrenDCA-18Statement
Rep. Christina HoulahanDPA-06Statement
Rep. Judy ChuDCA-28Tweet
Rep. Gerry ConnollyDVA-11Statement
Rep. Madeleine DeanDPA-04Statement
Rep. Lori TrahanDMA-03Statement
Rep. Robin KellyDIL-02Statement
Rep. Suzanne BonamiciDOR-01Statement
Rep. Paul TonkoDNY-20Statement
Rep. Lisa Blunt RochesterDDE-ALStatement
Rep. Jason CrowDCO-06Statement
Rep. Linda SánchezDCA-38Statement
Rep. Mikie SherrillDNJ-11Statement
Rep. Adam SmithDWA-09Statement
Rep. Jimmy GomezDCA-34Statement
Rep. Katherine ClarkDMA-05Statement
Rep. Andy KimDNJ-03Statement
Rep. Teresa Leger FernándezDNM-03Statement
Rep. Nanette BarraganDCA-44Letter
Rep. Earl BlumenauerDOR-03Letter
Rep. Joe CourtneyDCT-02Letter
Rep. Jasmine CrockettDTX-30Letter
Rep. Sylvia GarciaDTX-29Letter
Rep. Eleanor Holmes NortonDDCLetter
Rep. Mike ThompsonDCA-04Letter
Rep. Jill TokudaDHI-02Letter
Sen. Richard DurbinDILStatement
Sen. Jeffrey MerkleyDORStatement
Sen. Elizabeth WarrenDMAStatement
Sen. Peter WelchDVTStatement
Sen. Christopher Van HollenDMDStatement
Sen. Raphael WarnockDGAStatement
Sen. Patty MurrayDWAStatement
Sen. Bernie SandersDVTStatement

Created and updated in collaboration with Jewish Voice for Peace Action