Ceasefire Tracker

As of December 7th, 2023, at least 61 members of Congress have called for a ceasefire or cessation of hostilities in Israel and occupied Palestine:

Rep. Alma AdamsDNC-12Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Jamaal BowmanDNY-16Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Cori BushDMO-01Sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. André CarsonDIN-07Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Greg CasarDTX-35Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Maxwell Alejandro FrostDFL-10Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Jesús “Chuy” GarcíaDIL-04Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Jonathan JacksonDIL-01Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Pramila JayapalDWA-07Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Barbara LeeDCA-12Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Summer LeeDPA-12Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-CortezDNY-14Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Ilhan OmarDMN-05Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Ayanna PressleyDMA-07Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Delia RamirezDIL-03Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Rashida TlaibDMI-12Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Nydia VelázquezDNY-07Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Bonnie Watson ColemanDNJ-12Co-sponsor of H.Res. 786
Rep. Mark PocanDWI-02Statement
Rep. Joaquin CastroDTX-20Statement
Rep. Veronica EscobarDTX-16Statement
Rep. Betty McCollumDMN-04Statement
Rep. James McGovernDMA-02Statement
Rep. Maxine WatersDCA-43Statement
Rep. Kweisi MfumeDMD-07Statement
Rep. Al GreenDTX-09Statement
Rep. Donald BeyerDVA-08Statement
Rep. Mary Gay ScanlonDPA-05Letter
Rep. Raúl GrijalvaDAZ-07Letter
Rep. Henry “Hank” JohnsonDGA-04Letter
Rep. Becca BalintDVT-ALStatement
Rep. Gabe VasquezDNM-02Statement
Rep. Mark DeSaulnierDCA-10Statement
Rep. John GaramendiDCA-08Statement
Rep. Robert GarciaDCA-42Statement
Rep. Jamie RaskinDMD-08Statement
Rep. Dean PhillipsDMN-03Statement
Rep. Sara JacobsDCA-51Statement
Rep. Emanuel CleaverDMO-05Statement
Rep. Jared HuffmanDCA-02Statement
Rep. Judy ChuDCA-28Statement
Rep. Ro KhannaDCA-17Statement
Rep. Troy CarterDLA-02Statement
Rep. Lloyd DoggettDTX-37Statement
Rep. Jan SchakowskyDIL-09Statement
Rep. Debbie DingellDMI-06Statement
Rep. Lauren UnderwoodDIL-14Statement
Rep. Daniel KildeeDMI-08Statement
Rep. Tony CárdenasDCA-29Statement
Rep. Bennie ThompsonDMS-02Letter
Rep. Nikema WilliamsDGA-05Letter
Rep. Valerie FousheeDNC-04Letter
Rep. Sanford Bishop, Jr.DGA-02Letter
Rep. Donald Payne, Jr.DNJ-10Letter
Rep. Terri SewellDAL-07Letter
Rep. Jennifer WextonDVA-10Statement
Rep. Diana DeGetteDCO-01Statement
Sen. Richard DurbinDILStatement
Sen. Jeffrey MerkleyDORStatement
Sen. Elizabeth WarrenDMAStatement
Sen. Peter WelchDVTStatement

Created and updated in collaboration with Jewish Voice for Peace Action