Our 2020 Endorsements

The Working Families Party is proud to endorse the following candidates for federal, state, and local office in 2020. The Working Families Party endorsement is like a progressive seal of approval: it means these candidates can be counted on to fight for us on the issues that matter most, from fair funding of public schools and living wage jobs to ending mass incarceration and getting big money out of politics.

You can apply for the WFP endorsement in 2020 here, or nominate a candidate for the WFP endorsement here.

Below is our current list of 2020 endorsed candidates nationwide — check back often as more are added. (If you’re looking for our list of 2019 endorsed candidates, you can find it here.)

President of the United States

Bernie Sanders



Ilana Spiegel University of Colorado Board of Regents, District 6



Brian Smith State Representative, District 48



Larry Lambert State Representative, District 7
Medinah Wilson-Anton State Representative, District 26
Coby Owens Wilmington City Council, District 1


District of Columbia

Jordan Grossman Councilmember, Ward 2
Janeese Lewis George Councilmember, Ward 4
Anthony Lorenzo Green Councilmember, Ward 7



Zeke Cohen Baltimore City Council, District 1
Danielle McCray Baltimore City Council, District 2
Ryan Dorsey Baltimore City Council, District 3
Logan Endow Baltimore City Council, District 4
Tori Rose Baltimore City Council, District 7
Kris Burnett Baltimore City Council, District 8
John Bullock Baltimore City Council, District 9
Phylicia Porter Baltimore City Council, District 10
Phillip Westry Baltimore City Council, District 12
Akil Patterson Baltimore City Council, District 13
Odette Ramos Baltimore City Council, District 14



Ayanna Pressley U.S. House, State of Massachusetts, District 7



Rashida Tlaib U.S. House, State of Michigan, District 13



Ilhan Omar U.S. House, State of Minnesota, District 5


New Mexico

Teresa Leger Fernandez U.S. House, State of New Mexico, District 3


New York

You can view a full list of New York endorsements here.



Morgan Harper U.S. House, State of Ohio, District 3



Brett Burman State Senate, District 9
Shanna Danielson State Senate, District 31
Sara Innamorato State House, District 21
Summer Lee State House, District 31
Summer Lee State House, District 34
Jessica Benham State House, District 36
John Padora State House, District 37
Michelle Knoll State House, District 44
Nicole Miller State House, District 87
Dana Hamp Gulick State House, District 97
Nancy Guenst State House, District 152
Danielle Otten State House, District 155
Andre Del Valle State House, District 175
Joseph Hohenstein State House, District 177
Malcolm Kenyatta State House, District 181
Elizabeth Fiedler State House, District 184
Evette Thompson State House, District 185
Malcolm Kenyatta State House, District 188
Chris Rabb State House, District 200



Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez U.S. Senate, State of Texas
Mike Seigel U.S. House, State of Texas, District 10
Julia Oliver U.S. House, State of Texas, District 25
Jessica Cisneros U.S. House, State of Texas, District 28
José Garza Travis County District Attorney
Audia Jones Harris County District Attorney
Paige Dixon Texas House of Reps., District 65
Jasmine Crockett Texas House of Reps., District 100
Ruby Powers Texas House of Reps., District 134
Akilah Bacy Texas House of Reps., District 138
Vance Keyes Tarrant County Sheriff


West Virginia

Stephen Smith Governor
Cathy Kunkel U.S. House, State of West Virginia, District 2



Marina Dimitrijevic Alderwoman, Milwaukee Common Council D. 14