Our 2020 Endorsements

The Working Families Party is proud to endorse the following candidates for federal, state, and local office in 2020. The Working Families Party endorsement is like a progressive seal of approval: it means these candidates can be counted on to fight for us on the issues that matter most, from fair funding of public schools and living wage jobs to ending mass incarceration and getting big money out of politics.

You can apply for the WFP endorsement in 2020 here, or nominate a candidate for the WFP endorsement here.

Below is our current list of 2020 endorsed candidates nationwide — check back often as more are added. (If you’re looking for our list of 2019 endorsed candidates, you can find it here.)

President of the United States

Bernie Sanders Democratic Nomination for President of the United States



Elisha Crader Hayward City Council
Lacei Amodei Hayward City Council
Nestor Castillo Hayward City Council
Nithya Raman Los Angeles City Council
Lee Lor Merced County Supervisor District 2
Jessie Lopez Santa Ana City Council



Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez State House of Representatives, District 4
Steven Woodrow State House of Representatives, District 6
Emily Sirota State House of Representatives, District 9
Monica Duran State House of Representatives, District 24
Mike Weissman State House of Representatives, District 36
John Ronquillo State House of Representatives, District 40
Iman Jodeh State House of Representatives, District 41
Daneya Esgar State House of Representatives, District 46
Matthew Martinez State House of Representatives, District 62
Alexis King District Attorney, Judicial District 1
Alonzo Payne District Attorney, Judicial District 12
Amy Padden District Attorney, Judicial District 18
Callie Rennison University of Colorado Board of Regents, District 2
Ilana Spiegel University of Colorado Board of Regents, District 6
Jonathan Singer Boulder County Commission, District 3
Ken Schauer El Paso County Commission, District 3
Jody Shadduck-McNally Larimer County Commission, CD 2
Lisa Escárega State Board of Education, CD 1



Larry Lambert State Representative, District 7
Medinah Wilson-Anton State Representative, District 26
Coby Owens Wilmington City Council, District 1


District of Columbia

Jordan Grossman Councilmember, Ward 2
Janeese Lewis George Councilmember, Ward 4
Anthony Lorenzo Green Councilmember, Ward 7
Ed Lazere Councilmember, At Large



Carolyn McCune Superior Court Clerk
Treva Gear State Senate, District 8
Nikki Merritt State Senate, District 9
Devin Barrington-Ward State Senate, District 38
Kim Jackson State Senate, District 41
Michele Au State Senate, District 48
Christa Olencza State House, District 25
Priscilla Smith State House, District 34
Elizabeth Webster State House, District 35
Luisa Wakeman State House, District 43
Connie Dicicco State House, District 44
Sara Tindall Ghazal State House, District 45
Shea Roberts State House, District 52
Jenne Shepherd State House, District 57
Renitta Shannon State House, District 84
Bee Nguyen State House, District 89
Regina Lewis-Ward State House, District 109
Mokah Jasmine Johnson State House, District 117
Jonathan Wallace State House, District 119
Joyce Barlow State House, District 151
Maryam Ahmad Dekalb Commissioner Super, District 6
John Williams Clarke County Sheriff
Tarece Johnson Gwinnett County Board of Education, District 5



Charles Booker U.S. Senate, State of Kentucky



Brandon Scott Baltimore City Mayor
Bill Henry Baltimore City Comptroller
Shannon Sneed Baltimore City Council President
Zeke Cohen Baltimore City Council, District 1
Danielle McCray Baltimore City Council, District 2
Ryan Dorsey Baltimore City Council, District 3
Logan Endow Baltimore City Council, District 4
Tori Rose Baltimore City Council, District 7
Kris Burnett Baltimore City Council, District 8
John Bullock Baltimore City Council, District 9
Phylicia Porter Baltimore City Council, District 10
Phillip Westry Baltimore City Council, District 12
Akil Patterson Baltimore City Council, District 13
Odette Ramos Baltimore City Council, District 14
Sunil Dasgupta Montgomery County Board of Education, At Large
David Murray Prince George’s County Board of Education, District 1
Shayla Adams-Stafford Prince George’s County Board of Education, District 4
Raaheela Ahmed Prince George’s County Board of Education, District 5
Edward Burroughs Prince George’s County Board of Education, District 8



Ayanna Pressley U.S. House, State of Massachusetts, District 7



Rashida Tlaib U.S. House, State of Michigan, District 13



Ilhan Omar U.S. House, State of Minnesota, District 5


New Jersey

Amy Kennedy U.S. House, State of New Jersey, District 2
Arati Kreibich U.S. House, State of New Jersey, District 5
Hector Oseguera U.S. House, State of New Jersey, District 8
Bonnie Watson Coleman U.S. House, State of New Jersey, District 12
Bill Irwin Mayor, Piscataway
Kamuela Tillman Township Council, Piscataway
Ralph Johnson Township Council, Piscataway
Laura Leibowitz Township Council, Piscataway
Jack Surrency Board of Freeholders, Cumberland County
Donna Pearson Board of Freeholders, Cumberland County
Tracey Wells-Huggins Board of Freeholders, Cumberland County


New Mexico

Teresa Leger Fernandez U.S. House, State of New Mexico, District 3
Noreen Kelly State Senate, District 4
Leo Jaramillo State Senate, District 5
Rebecca Stair State Senate, District 20
Siah Correa Hemphill State Senate, District 28
Pam Cordova State Senate, District 30
Neomi Martinez-Parra State Senate, District 35
Carrie Hamblen State Senate, District 38
Patricia Roybal Caballero State House, District 13
Miguel Garcia State House, District 14
Roger Montoya State House, District 40
Kristina Ortez State House, District 42
Linda Serrato State House, District 45
Matthew McQueen State House, District 50
Frank Baca Bernalillo County Commission, District 2
Adriann Barboa Bernalillo County Commission, District 3
Nancy Bearce Bernalillo County Treasurer
Katharine Clark Santa Fe County Clerk
Augustine Montoya Torrance County Commission District 3


New York

You can view a full list of New York endorsements here.



Morgan Harper U.S. House, District 3
Charmaine McGuffey Sheriff, Hamilton County



Brett Burman State Senate, District 9
Amanda Cappelletti State Senate, District 17
Shanna Danielson State Senate, District 31
Emily Kinkead State House, District 20
Sara Innamorato State House, District 21
Summer Lee State House, District 34
Jessica Benham State House, District 36
John Padora State House, District 37
Michelle Knoll State House, District 44
Nicole Miller State House, District 87
Dana Hamp Gulick State House, District 97
Nancy Guenst State House, District 152
Danielle Otten State House, District 155
Andre Del Valle State House, District 175
Joseph Hohenstein State House, District 177
Malcolm Kenyatta State House, District 181
Elizabeth Fiedler State House, District 184
Evette Thompson State House, District 185
Malcolm Kenyatta State House, District 188
Bernard Williams State House, District 198
Chris Rabb State House, District 200


Rhode Island

Gayle Goldin State Senate, District 3
Sandra Cano State Senate, District 8
Dawn Euer State Senate, District 13
Val Lawson State Senate, District 14
Meghan Kallman State Senate, District 15
Melissa Murray State Senate, District 24
Bridget Valverde State Senate, District 35
Alana DiMario State Senate, District 36
Edith Ajello State House, District 1
Rebecca Kislak State House, District 4
Marcia Ranglin-Vassell State House, District 5
Leonela Felix State House, District 61
Susan Donovan State House, District 69



Royce West U.S. Senate
Mike Siegel U.S. House, District 10
Candace Valenzuela U.S. House, District 24
Julie Oliver U.S. House, District 25
José Garza Travis County District Attorney
Jasmine Crockett Texas House of Reps., District 100
Akilah Bacy Texas House of Reps., District 138
Vance Keyes Tarrant County Sheriff
Delia Garza Travis County Attorney



Ingrid Anderson State Senate, District 5


West Virginia

Stephen Smith Governor
Sam Petsonk Attorney General
Mary Ann Claytor State Auditor
Bob Beach State Commissioner of Agriculture
Natalie Tenant Secretary of State
Natalie Cline U.S. House, District 1
Cathy Kunkel U.S. House, District 2
Hilary Turner U.S. House, District 3
Shawn Fluharty State House, District 3
Levi Billiter State House, District 14
Tess Jackson State House, District 15
Chad Lovejoy State House, District 17
Jeanette Rowsey State House, District 17
Rodney Miller State House, District 23
Susan Perry State House, District 24
Tina Russell State House, District 27
Mick Bates State House, District 30
Margaret Staggers State House, District 32
Selina Vickers State House, District 32
Kathy Ferguson State House, District 35
Rusty Williams State House, District 35
Kayla Young State House, District 35
Amanda Estep-Burton State House, District 36
Larry Rowe State House, District 36
Mike Pushkin State House, District 37
Cindy Lavender-Bowe State House, District 42
Cody Thompson State House, District 43
Brittney Barlett State House, District 46
Rob Garcia State House, District 48
Justin Lung State House, District 48
Ryan Deems State House, District 48
Brandon Antion State House, District 49
Mike Manypenny State House, District 49
Michael Angelucci State House, District 50
Jarryd Powell State House, District 50
Aryanna Islam State House, District 50
Andrew Mills State House, District 50
Barbara Evans Fleischauer State House, District 51
Rodney Pyles State House, District 51
John Williams State House, District 51
Danielle Walker State House, District 51
Evan Hansen State House, District 51
Justin Hough State House, District 52
JR Wolfe State House, District 52
Cory Chase State House, District 53
Bradley Rinard State House, District 55
Sammi Brown State House, District 65
Storme Frame State House, District 66
John Doyle State House, District 67
Robin Wilson State Senate, District 3
Mike Caputo State Senate, District 13
David Childers State Senate, District 14
Pete Dougherty State Senate, District 16
Jon Hague State Senate, District 17
Jenny Anderson Cabell County Board of Education
Charlie Marshall Grafton City Council
Arthena Roper Jefferson County Magistrate
Cory Roman Martinsburg City Council
Danielle Stewart Mayor of Beckley
Johnny Hager Mingo County Commission
Micah Weglinski Monongalia County BOE
Emily Starks Philipi City Council
Rosemary Ketchum Wheeling City Council



Marina Dimitrijevic Alderwoman, Milwaukee Common Council D. 14