Terms and Conditions

Mobile alerts from Working Families Party. Periodic messages. Working Families Party will never charge for these updates, but carrier message & data rates may apply. Text STOP to 30403 to stop receiving messages. Text HELP to 30403 for more information. 

A. Companies’ SMS and MMS Text Messaging Programs: Through the technology platform and associated services provided by Working Families Party, third party companies and entities (“Companies”) may engage in mobile messaging campaigns with their customers in which customers may subscribe to receive messages on a wireless device via short message service (“SMS”) or multimedia message service (“MMS”), otherwise known as “text messages,” the frequency and availability of which will depend on the activity as well as the preferences a customer may have (or have not) set for the service. In connection with text messaging programs, Companies are responsible for (a) obtaining prior express written consent from their customers to receive text messages and/or distribute text messages, (b) the collection of customer lists, and the preparation and distribution of all messages and content to customers through text messages, and (c) complying with applicable laws, regulations and guidelines including, without limitation, the carrier or wireless industry guidelines regarding data privacy or transmission of technical or personal data. By completing all of the steps that are designated to opt in to receive text messages for a specific usage designated by the Companies, the consumer consents to the following: 1. He or she may receive recurring text messages to the mobile number provided; 2. He or she is being sent text messages using autodial or other automated technology; 3. He or she is not required to provide consent as a condition of purchasing any goods or services; and 4. He or she is confirming that he or she is over the age of 13.

B. Cancellation: Customers may cancel or opt out of any text messaging provided by Companies by replying “STOP” (or “UNSUBSCRIBE” “CANCEL” “QUIT” or “END”) from his or her mobile device to any text message received from Companies. Customers understand that, for their protection, they may receive a text message on the mobile number confirming the cancellation. To stop a service at any time, reply STOP to to 30403

C. Help: If customers require additional information or assistance, reply “HELP” from his or her mobile device to any text message received from Companies. Message and Data Rates Fees: Customers’ mobile service provider’s standard messaging and data rates may apply to text messages that customers send or receive for a specific usage designated Companies. Companies and Working Families Party assume no responsibility for charges incurred by customers signing up for text messaging. Any text messaging fees that customers incur will be billed on his or her individual mobile provider bill. Text HELP to to 30403 to receive help information.

D. Privacy: Collection, storage and use of customers’ mobile number are done accordance with the privacy policy and applicable terms of use of the Companies.

Wireless carriers are not responsible for delayed or undelivered messages.