Working Families National Committee

The Working Families National Committee (WFNC) is the WFP’s top governing body. The WFNC is responsible for guiding the party’s overall strategy and direction, electing officers, hiring the national director, approving state chapter and national member applications, and overseeing our process for national endorsements. 

The WFNC is composed of members representing chartered WFP state chapters, national member organizations, local branches, and individual WFP leaders selected as at-large delegates. 

The Co-chairs of the WFNC Executive Committee are: Andrea Serrano and Jacob Feinspan

Working Families National Committee membership:

State chapter delegates:

California delegates: Kimi Lee, Luis Sánchez* (Sky Allen, alternate)

Colorado delegates: Chandra Wilkins, True Apodaca, (Morgan Watters, alternate)

Connecticut delegates: Janée Woods-Weber, Rochelle Palache

Delaware delegates: Kirsten Walther, Coby Owens

Illinois delegate: Stacy Davis Gates

New Jersey delegate: Fran Ehret

New Mexico delegates: Oriana Sandoval, Andrea Serrano* (Ahtza Chavez, alternate)

New York delegates: Michelle Crentsil, Theo Oshiro

Oregon delegates: Matt Findley, Reyna Lopez

Pennsylvania delegates: Kendra Brooks*, Gabe Morgan 

Rhode Island delegates: Ben Branchaud, David Segal 

Texas delegates: Mercedes Fulbright, Derrick Osobase* (Linh Nguyen, alternate)

West Virginia delegates: Andy Cockburn (Cory Roman, alternate)

National member organization delegates:

Center for Popular Democracy Action: Analilia Mejia, DaMareo Cooper (Jon Green, alternate) 

CWA: Bob Master*

Mijente: Marisa Franco* (Tania Unzenta, alternate)

MoveOn Political Action: Rahna Epting* (Mohammed Khan, alternate)

People’s Action: Sulma Arias, (Domenico Romero, alternate)  

SEIU: Candis Tall*

SURJ: Erin Heaney

United We Dream Action: Greisa Martinez

At-large delegates:

Barbara Dudley*, Jacob Feinspan*, Cristina Jimenez 

* Indicates WFNC members elected to serve on the WFP National Executive Committee in March 2024. Executive Committee terms are two years.


The Working Families Party was created as a New York State political party in 1998. Following the early success of the NY WFP, a Connecticut WFP was created in 2002, and an Oregon WFP in 2006. By 2012, activists and leaders were organizing or exploring building state WFPs in half a dozen states. 

In 2013, a group of representatives of WFP state chapters began meeting informally, twice a year, under the name “Working Families Party National Advisory Board.” It was an effort to begin coordinating and sharing information among the state Working Families Parties. In 2016, the WFP NAB formally launched the WFP National Committee as the WFP’s highest governing body, empowered to build a national party and recognize and seat state chapters.