Oregon Working Families

We are working people, school parents, small business owners, family farmers, representatives of community groups and labor unions — Oregonians from all walks of life and all areas of the state — who are building  a Working Families Party in Oregon.More

What We’re Doing.

We are determined to get our government focused again on the things that can make our jobs better, our families more secure and our communities more prosperous. That means:

  • making health care affordable and available to all Oregonians;
  • improving our public schools, from pre-school through high school;
  • opening doors to higher education and job training for more working Oregonians;
  • defending our jobs against outsourcing, pay cuts and Enron-style corporate raiders;
  • protecting the promise of a decent retirement after a lifetime of work;
  • promoting smart strategies to support good jobs, such as developing Oregon’s untapped wealth of new energy sources that are clean, secure and sustainable and will be attractive to new industries in the 21st Century.

We’re not trying to create a minor party that will run “spoiler” candidates with no chance of winning. We want to win for working families. We can do that by staying focused on the issues that matter most to working families, by organizing in our communities and by restoring a system of voting in Oregon (fusion voting) that rewards major party candidates who commit to support the issues advanced by parties like the Working Families Party.



Vote Yes on Measure 86!

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Help us elect Ken Moore in McMinnville!

WFP cross-nominee Ken Moore is a first time candidate who's dedicated to community involvement and knows what matters to working families, and staunchly supports issues like Earned Sick Days and Pay ... More

Oregon 2014 Cross-Nominees

Congressional District 1 House District 24 - Ken Moore House District 25 - Chuck Lee House District 26 - Eric Squires House District 28 - Jeff Barker House District 29 - Susan McLain House District 31 - Brad Witt House District 34 - Ken Helm Senate District 11 ... More

Measure 91: Legalized Marijuana

Oregon Working Families endorses Measure 90, a smart and responsible approach to Marijuana legalization. Treating marijuana use as a crime has resulted in a drain on public resources and a huge failure for the War on Drugs. Oregon’s resources are ... More

Measure 90: Oregon Top Two Primary

Oregon Working Families endorses Measure 90, Open Primaries. Currently, 49% of voters under the age of 40 are “voting with their feet” by choosing to not register with either the Democratic or Republican parties. Currently, if you are a non-affiliated voter ... More

Measure 88: Oregon Safe Roads

Oregon Working Families endorses Measure 88, Oregon Safe Roads. Measure 88 will keep our roads safe and protect hard working families in Oregon. Since 2007, Oregon has been withholding driving privileges from thousands struggling to make ends meet, and in ... More

Measure 86: Oregon Opportunity Initiative

Oregon Working Families endorses Measure 86, The Oregon Opportunity Initiative. Oregon is 47th in public higher education spending. The diminishing investment from the state has priced out working-class and middle-class families from an education. Student debt has skyrocketed and now ... More

Announcing our 2014 nominees!

This has been a huge summer for Oregon Working Families. We are now over 10,000 registered party members strong and growing! In July, we visited every congressional district in the state and met with our members to choose our nominees ... More