Building towards success in November

The Working Families Party is building towards a governing majority that will fight and deliver for working people, and the May primaries were a crucial step on the way to achieving that goal.

In Oregon, Jamie McLeod-Skinner defeated corporate Democrat Kurt Schrader in OR-11! Our National Director Maurice Mitchell called Jamie’s victory over one of Big Pharma’s favorite Democrats a “David and Goliath moment” in the Washington Post.

In Pennsylvania, WFP champion Summer Lee prevailed in PA-12 despite a multi-million dollar smear campaign led by AIPAC and DMFI.

And in Texas, both Michelle Vallejo and Jasmine Crockett declared victories in their runoff elections in TX-15 and TX-30, respectively.

Other WFP champions running for Congress like Nida Allam and Erica Smith in North Carolina unfortunately came up short, as did Malcolm Kenyatta in Pennsylvania’s Senate race. But we also saw victories for Charles Booker in his primary for Senate in Kentucky and WFP champions in key down-ballot races throughout PA and NC.

WFP-endorsed candidates running in California and New Mexico also had a lot to celebrate after May’s primaries: Several CA WFP champions running for California Assembly, State Senate, District Attorney, mayoral, and local Boards of Supervisors seats won or advanced to runoff elections in the fall — including Assemblymember Alex Lee who defeated a million-dollar effort by real estate and big money to win this seat.

And in New Mexico, several WFP champions defeated yet another attempt by corporate interests in the state to grab back power from progressives in the state legislature. Congressional candidate Gabe Vasquez won his primary in NM-02 and will face an extreme Trump Republican in November.

Despite all the odds — and an unprecedented flood of right-wing and dark money — this primary season has been a huge one for WFP candidates. This midterm cycle, we deployed the full strength of our party behind working people’s champions running for office, both in open seats and against incumbents who teamed up with insurance companies, drug manufacturers, fossil fuel executives, and the GOP to stop legislation that would have changed the lives of working people.

Now, we’re building towards success in November. Contribute now to support our work to build a Working Families Majority in Congress and across the country!