Rhode Island Working Families

The Rhode Island Working Families Party is creating a powerful political force that will make the real needs of working families the priority of our government. We work to elect candidates committed to economic, racial, social, and environmental justice and hold elected officials accountable to these core values—Democrats and Republicans. We use the power we generate through our electoral and organizing work to win tangible victories that make a real difference for working families.


In Rhode Island, we aren’t an official or third party, but we seek to fulfill some of the core functions the major parties have abandoned — articulating a clear, bold set of values, making clear to voters which candidates are advancing those values, providing a political home for motivated activists, and finding, training, recruiting, and supporting candidates who champion those values.

WFP is still relatively new to Rhode Island, but our model is already making powerful change and advancing working families priorities. In 2016, we won six new seats for progressive legislators—including defeating four conservative Democratic incumbents. Using this momentum, in 2017 we fought for and won a statewide paid sick days law that will give 100,000 Rhode Islanders earned sick days. And that is just the beginning.

What We Believe:

Rhode Island Working Families Party believes in economic justice, including wages that ensure a decent standard of living, strong basic working standards, robust unions, leveling the playing field between the rich and the poor, a progressive tax system, and strong public services.

Rhode Island Working Families Party believes in social and racial justice, fighting for women, people of color, LGBT individuals, and immigrants. We are committed to tackling the systems and structures in our state that have perpetuated oppression, including protecting reproductive choice, remaking the criminal justice system, and protecting immigrant members of our communities from federal threats.

Rhode Island Working Families Party believes in environmental justice and taking bold action to address climate change, including expanding renewable energy, protecting natural resources, and protecting the health and safety of the communities who have suffered the most from fossil fuels.

Affiliate Organizations:

  • 32BJ SEIU, District 615
  • Carpenters, Local 94
  • Demand Progress
  • Planned Parenthood
  • SEIU Healthcare 1199NE
  • Teamsters Local 251
  • United Auto Workers Region 9A
  • United Nurses and Allied Professionals